Taylor Swift recently dropped the video for her new single "You Need to Calm Down," and y'all, it's EXACTLY what we needed. The video features nearly a MILLION (okay, like 20) celebrity cameos including Ryan Reynolds, RuPaul, Katy Perry (I KNOW RIGHT), the cast of Queer Eye, Ciara, Laverne Cox, and Ellen DeGeneres, just to name a few, and is set in the most MAGICAL and amazing candy-colored trailer park in the world. Seriously. I'm jealous.

The video isn't just super cute and fun though. It also sends a loud and colorful message to the world that is just what it needed to hear. Y'all need to calm down. Y'all need to sit down. Y'all need to mind your own business. No one is going to listen to you if you're yelling and picketing in a hateful way. Like Taylor says, stressing and obsessing over someone else's decisions and their life is no fun.

EVERYTHING in the video is perfectly executed. It shows a world where everyone is happy and minding their own business and just loving each other in general -- AND THEN there are those haters that come in with their big signs, but guess what? NO ONE PAYS THEM ANY ATTENTION. BECAUSE EVERYONE IS HAPPY AND HAVING A GOOD TIME AND MINDING THEIR OWN BUSINESS. LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. BECAUSE IT'S NICE AND PEOPLE APPRECIATE IT AND IT'S SO MUCH EASIER TO JUST BE NICE AND ACCEPTING AND LOVE PEOPLE AND LET THEM LIVE.

Also, it's probably the cutest and most magical place in the world (I know I've already said it but I wanted to say it again calm down). The cast of Queer Eye has a tea party. Ryan Reynolds is painting and happy. Ellen gets a tattoo. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift give us the fairytale fast food ending we don't deserve. There's cake everywhere. It's amazing and I want to live there.

Taylor really hit the nail on the head with this one. This video highlights SUCH an important issue, as well as shed light on the fact that we all just need to calm down and love each other, and it does it in the most fun, candy-filled way possible. So to all you people out there yelling and hating on your soap boxes, you need to calm down.

You can watch the AMAZINGLY FABULOUS VIDEO here.