Is This The XFL?
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Is This The XFL?

In 2001, Vince McMahon debuted the XFL, but it only lasted one season. Nearly two decades later, he, along with Oliver Luck has revived the league in hopes to fulfill McMahon's lifelong dream of the league.

Is This The XFL?

About a year ago at this time, the hype was real for the AAF (Alliance of American Football), and myself included, were hoping the new league would succeed. But, after the league ran into financial troubles in the middle of April, the league folded not even after a full season. YouTube personality KTO made a great video about how the NFL has a monopoly on professional football in America. In 2001, Vince McMahon created the XFL which was supposed to be the NFL but for fans. Because of crazy rules, lack of funding, and little time to prepare, much like the AAF, the league folded. Now McMahon has the league ready for its encore.

Talented players across the board

Jordan Taamu

The NFL is 1% of the 1% of all football players that play football in America, but there are some good, even great players who are playing the XFL this spring. Matt McGloin, while he is an older player, proved during his tenure with the Oakland Raiders, he could run an NFL offense and not lead the team into complete chaos. Landry Jones, who played well when given the opportunity with the Pittsburgh Steelers, is also one of the top quarterbacks to ever come out of the University of Oklahoma. One player that everyone is eyeing though is former Ole ́ Miss quarterback Jordan Ta'amu, who in 2018 was second in the SEC in passing to Tua Tagovailoa. He unfortunately never made an NFL team, but to be second in SEC is nothing to sneeze at, especially in 2018, when the SEC turned into the air raid style of the later 2010s.

Right man In charge

XFL Battlehawks

Oliver Luck is the commissioner of the XFL, if that name sounds familiar it should, maybe you know him as the former quarterback of the Houston Oilers, or maybe its because his son was one of the greatest quarterbacks of the 2010s, Andrew Luck. After the XFL signed a broadcasting deal with FOX, Luck made appearances on the networks talk shows, such as the Herd, and First Things First. While on-air, Luck talked about how he plans to make the league succeed, mainly by trying to make the game appeal to fans without episodes of the Bachelor going on in the endzone after a touchdown. Luck also mentioned some of the rule changes that he hopes can create fan engagement, as well as promote the safety of players. Vince McMahon always had the business side of the league. No one questions that, but now that he is working with Oliver Luck, he can bring the actual game aspect into the picture. These two together look to have something good going.

All time high

American Football

Football is at an all time high right, people only mention baseball when there are players wearing buzzers to detect pitches, no one cares about the NBA regular season. People only watch hockey for the Stanley Cup Finals. There will definitely be some young quarterbacks who make a splash in the XFL and not only help grow the league but even have a chance at making an NFL roster. Brandon Gilbert, who is the backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, got his second chance after lighting it up last year in the AAF. With an increase in the quality of play expected, there is a chance for some exciting football. There is a chance for young players to show off their talents, and either become XFL Franchise quarterbacks, or follow in the footsteps of Gilbert and have a chance on an NFL 53 man roster.

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