Writing The Pain Away

Imagine the weight of the world on your shoulders, or at least that's what it feels like. School, maturing, friends, family, and unnecessary stress piles up, and you never get rid of it you just learn how juggle it all. Some people are better at juggling than others easily tossing up one of life's balls and catching another.

Now imagine all of that disappearing. No juggling, no worrying. The only thing that matters is what will happen next. You're in complete control of the future and it's right at your finger tips. That is what writing has done for me.

As a person with anxiety I am always in motion whether it be scratching my scalp, biting my cheeks, or tapping my foot I have to move. Then the thoughts hit.

Did I finish the homework? Was there more?

What if I look gross? My hair is a mess.

Oh my gosh they probably don't like me.

I have learned over the years that I can turn those unnecessary motions and thoughts into positive products through writing.

Writing can come in all forms. Many people make an emotion diary. They write down all their emotions from day to day occurrences that paint a bigger picture of what they're dealing with. Other people choose to write poems or short stories to express the pain or joy through them. Some even share and express themselves on blogs or online communities.

The important thing to realize is that it works. Your thoughts are distracted and put into a different form of energy which can not only benefit your anxiety but other aspects of your life as well. Papers, emails, and other important writings become easier to write instead of dreadful. Once you realize the the anxious feelings go away you become unstoppable.

Writing is one the most amazing talents I have discovered within myself. I am by no means the best writer out there but I work hard because I love it. It has taken stress and worries off my shoulders and has allowed me to live an easier and much happier life. Without it, I don't what would happen to me.

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