10 Creative Writing Prompts To End Your Procrastination
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10 Creative Writing Prompts To End Your Procrastination

Maybe with these prompts, you'll be the next J.K Rowling..

10 Creative Writing Prompts To End Your Procrastination

I, as much as the next English major, HATE WRITING. Well, I hate my assigned writings...

Often times I sit in front of my sticker-covered, 17 inch, cracked screen Toshiba laptop, waiting for inspiration to come for a paper. For me, it never does and I end up adding unnecessary details to a mediocre paper in order to reach page count.

I've learned a lot of tricks over the years. For myself, my favorite way to get an assignment done is, ironically, writing! The battle with writer's block is horrible, so I've compiled a list of ten writing prompts to help your brain juices flow!

After you've cleared your mind on a page or two of fun writing, you'll be more inclined to buckle down and finish your paper about the relations between 18th-century biblical allusions and 21st-century Biblical allusions..!

(I have a notebook FILLED with dozens of these silly prompts, and I often spend more time editing these stories than my paper... But at least my papers get done, right?)

*Disclaimer: these prompts have been collecting in a notebook since my senior year of high school, so not all are credited to whom deserves credit! My apologies!

1. "They say I'm a traitor. Maybe I am. But all I know if that I did what I had to do."

2. "Number 4386 woke up in a cold sweat..."

3. Write a scene that takes place after a tragedy but don't mention the tragedy.

4. "I hit play and watched the recording of myself. What I saw was not what I remembered happening."

5. "We'll make a criminal out of you yet..."

6. "Gunshots went off, but I was the only one who seemed to notice..."

7. A character is given a list of names... Why?

8. "They said I wouldn't make it this far. I wish they had been right."

9. "Please let me keep this memory! Just this one!"

10. A child is born with an imagination so strong, it leaks into reality.

Writing to get writing done seems redundant, but, at least for me, it can work wonders. I take an hour to write a short story and for some reason it makes my academic writing better, and actually turned in. I suggest you all try it when the semester starts up and keep track of your stories!

Who knows... You could have a prize winner someday!

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