I can't stop freaking out about my future

Lately, I have been in a slump. Maybe it's the time of year, or it's just the fact that we are kind of in that 'quiet time' before the spring semester starts. But still, I'm in a slump.

With only having three semesters of college left, let alone being almost 75% done with my college career is really scaring the crap out of me. It honestly feels like ten minutes ago I was eagerly packing away my things and heading off to college. Well, now that those days are going to soon come to an end, I (and basically everyone too) can't stop freaking out about their future.

I see tweets all the time that say "you will find love, you will find that job" and other emo garbage like that. Obviously, it is a lot easier said and done when these things actually come into play. But I also to feel like posts like that give the individual the illusion that things will just...you know...happen...which isn't true at all. If you want them, you have to make them happen.

So back to I guess relating this to my title is that I want my future that I envision. I want success and to achieve all my dreams so badly that it hurts. Sometimes I feel like I am throwing myself into almost panic-mode because I am so worried that I won't ever get what I want, but then it actually pushes me harder.

Yeah, I can't stop freaking out about my future and that I think its kind of a good thing. If you didn't worry about it, then you don't care. And when you are focused on what you want, with the drive and passion that you have engraved in you, you WILL achieve greatness. So don't ever feel bad about freaking out about your future. You aren't alone at all, trust me.

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