This past fall and spring semester I received the amazing opportunity to work with academic advisors for the college of nursing as one of their secretaries. I hold a lot of great memories from this job as well as some viable lessons I learned while working there.

1. You see a lot of stuff from a different point of view


Helping the advisors versus actually getting advised from these people is a whole different ball game. Being at a different perspective really allows you to relate to what they go through on a day to day basis.

2. They deal with a lot more than you know


Not only do they deal with students but as well as events and meetings. This makes you think a lot about getting frustrated with advisors. Most of the advisors have well over 200 students to attend to each semester so you should definitely think twice about getting upset at their response time with how many emails they can receive each day,

3. They have a lot of patience

This is one of the biggest things I have been taught by this office. People will come in and treat advisors like the scum of the earth and these people will stay perfectly calm and collected like it's nothing. Some true compassion comes from these individuals I tell you.

4. Advisers like to have fun too


Never have I seen so many events held for university faculty. From faculty parties, to free food, to fun events; there is never a boring time at the office. Most people think they act like dull individuals within an office job but that is definitely not the case.

5. They are students' number one fans

The main reason they are in the current position that they hold is because they want to see you, the student, succeed at what they came to school for.