More often than not, people will look at celebrities or influencers and want the same things they have. They wonder, "why was I not lucky enough to be born into money?" But what we forget is that yes, some are born rich, the others had to work for their wealth. Just like us.

I think it's a huge problem in our generation that we just expect outcomes. Or need instant gratification. But that is not realistic. In order to achieve your goals, you have to give some sweat and determination. Start small and plan out how to achieve your goals, and work on it step by step. And never lose focus. Things do not just magically happen. You make it happen.

Also, results do not appear overnight. Just like when you're on a diet or start working out, things take time. You cannot expect a promotion in a month at work. You just have to keep your head down, keep working, and then eventually you will see the results of your hard work.

The real world is not like a video game, it takes time and effort to gain wealth and move up in your field. If you want something, only you can work hard to gain it. Sitting and wishing something would happen will not make it happen. That will just make you want it more. Get up and work for it.