The Patriarchy Won, But Women Are Just Starting
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The Patriarchy Won, But Women Are Just Starting

The world needs more good people, but it's obvious that it isn't the majority of our Senate.

The Patriarchy Won, But Women Are Just Starting

D e f e a t e d .

Defeated is the theme of this past month. I feel defeated that Kavanaugh won and Dr. Ford didn't.

The Supreme Court choosing Kavanaugh over Dr. Ford sends a message to all women. It tells women that people are willing to listen to our voice, but not actually hear it or choose to do something about it. It tells women that old, white men care more about their source of power than the content of character. It tells men that as long as you have respectable credentials, you can do anything you want. It, ultimately, tells women that our voice doesn't matter at all.

Dr. Ford has the courage to stand up for women and do what is right, but instead, nothing but bodyguards and death threats came from it. Dr. Ford was brave enough to tell her story to a room full of people on Kavanaugh's side from the beginning. When do we start believing the stories of those who have been through a trauma?

Kavanaugh now has the most prestigious job in the entire country. The Senate still said it was okay for him to have this job even though (in my opinion) he assaulted someone. Kavanaugh will be in this position until he dies. It's not like he was interviewing to be a CEO. Kavanaugh will make decisions about my future.

How can I stand behind a justice that I think assaulted Dr. Ford and isn't shown to favor women's choices?

I can't, but guess what, I didn't have a choice. I can't speak for all women, but for those who sided with Kavanaugh, it shows that men are favored more than women in this society.

Kavanaugh's confirmation is about politics and power, not about the good of people in this country.

Today, I am disappointed and defeated.

This wasn't just a defeat for Dr. Ford, it was a defeat for women and survivors in general.

It was a win for the patriarchy.

But "little girls and young women grow into strong women that return to destroy and rebuild this world."

Let's keep fighting.

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