Why You Need To Check Out WinAtLife Training And Boxing Club
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Why You Need To Check Out WinAtLife Training And Boxing Club

To the sport that gave me an amazing mentor and a best friend, thank you.

Why You Need To Check Out WinAtLife Training And Boxing Club
Tia Lang

Growing up in the highly competitive suburb of Eden Prairie, excelling in sports was always a challenge. While I played basketball, lacrosse, and was a part of swim and dive time all at different points throughout high school, I never felt confident in any sport. After a couple concussions and multiple injuries, I finally decided at the beginning of my senior year of high school that my time in competitive sports was over. I soon began gaining weight, feeling sluggish and nothing at all like myself.

While I was exercising regularly, I wasn’t pushing myself nearly as hard as I had during all of my practices for sports. There was no one for me to compete with, and no one but myself to hold me accountable for my health. Even after convincing my parents to get a family membership at the local gym, I still didn’t feel like I was getting in a good enough workout. Finally, I decided to pursue something that I had always been interested in: boxing. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Hmm, boxing after concussions? Smart.”

I reached out to an acquaintance of mine from another high school who I knew had previous experience with boxing. Right away she told me that she had been looking into getting more serious about it and asked me to join WinATLife Training and Boxing Club with her. After finding out that the coach was not only a teacher but also a football coach at my high school, I knew it was going to be legit. We both signed up in the fall of 2015 and before we knew it we were trying to spend every possible moment that we could in the gym training with Coach Hall. Who would have known that now, over a year later, I would be living with this “acquaintance” and calling her my best friend!?

WinATLife Training and Boxing Club takes place at Vault Fitness in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Owner and trainer, Windlan (Win) Hall, creates an environment where people of any age and skill level can feel comfortable and confident training in the gym. From National Golden Glove boxers to middle school kids, Win works to introduce discipline and teamwork to each and every individual. WinATLife Training not only inspires trainees to focus on health and wellness, but also creates a new level of confidence all while developing the key fundamentals of boxing. While each class works to improve endurance and strength, skill development is also key. Classes may be taken for health, fun, and fitness, but there are even some individuals who train to get into the ring.

Simply put, this class changed my life for the better. Coach Hall pushed me to be better, work harder, and become more driven. Boxing challenges you both physically and mentally in ways that you wouldn’t think of before. (Also, here's a lil' disclaimer that makes me seem a million times less cool: I don't actually fight, I just train.) Win creates an environment where everyone is accepted without fear of judgment. It is my belief that this welcoming surrounding is what makes individuals believe that they can do whatever they set their minds to in this gym. (Do not mistake this for thinking that the coach will go easy on you, trust me, he won’t.) After taking this class, you will walk away feeling refreshed, re-energized, and ready to take on the world. I have never laughed nor worked harder while training in my entire life! Not only did this sport give me more confidence than any sport ever has, but it gave me a best friend and an incredible mentor.

For more information about WinATLife Training and Boxing Club, visit their homepage.

"Winning is refusing to lose."

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