Are you feeling in need of some serious alone time?

Day to day life can make even the most sociable person feel a little over crowded at times. Whether it is people at the office or your roommates at home, or both, it is easy to feel like you don’t have the time or the place to be truly alone.

My suggestion: take a solo road trip. Go visit a friend a few states away or take a beach day for yourself. Whatever it is, get some serious miles and minutes between you and the stresses of everyday life.

Picture it…

Key in the ignition, engine a hum (or roar if you have a car with character, like I do), hands at 10 and two (more like six and eight, if you're me and got in the habit of driving like it ain’t no thang in high school and now cannot drive looking like a functional adult) and turning the volume knob so you can hear your favorite tunes (or rather down because if you’re like me and want desperately to have a hearing impairment someday). It’s time for a solo road trip.

It’s time to roll down the windows and let the breeze turn your hair into one giant sexy knot. It’s time to realize the uninhibited joy of hitting the open road and realizing too late that you’re in the E-ZPass express lane without an E-ZPass. But like your problems, that’s in the past now, shrinking in your rearview (well, until you get the $50.00 fine in the mail anyway). It’s behind you, there’s no reason to look back because honey, you’re not going that direction.

It’s time to listen to an audiobook and immerse yourself in a story, in a life other than your own. Like Amy Schumer’s book, at times you’ll cry, and at times you’ll laugh so hard that you have to pee, but can’t because you just got onto the New Jersey Turnpike and that sh*t is going to have to wait. Sorry, bladder.

It’s time to be completely alone with your thoughts, until that assh*le cuts in front of you without a turn signal, that you may decide to share some of your thoughts (probably through specific gestures out the window).

It’s time to realize that you’re in control, you’re in the driver’s seat. You decide your own destiny. You decide when to stop and when to keep going.

So, go ahead and pull over to take a picture of that amazing sunset or really a selfie because you’re a millennial being a millennial or perhaps because we all have that friend who’s 80 percent sure that you’re going to get kidnapped or murdered on this trip, so this is your Instagram-worthy evidence for them to know that you’re still, in fact, alive.

Arrive at your destination, breathe deeply and exhale knowing that you accomplished something today: you got back in touch with you. Turn the engine off one final time and run the f*ck inside because you had to pee two states ago, but refused to waste time pulling over for anything less than your fuel gauge passing E.

Solo road tripping may not solve all your problems, but it can provide you with some much-needed clarity or at the very least perspective.

Happy trails!