Why You Should Quit Entertainment Media

Why You Should Quit Entertainment Media

My experience and why everyone should remove entertainment media from their daily lives--or at least try to.


Whenever I'm asked if I've seen the latest season of 13 Reasons Why or Riverdale or any other popular Netflix series for that matter, I reply with the factual answer of, "I don't watch TV." My favorite part of conversation that always follows is the bewildered expression paired with the response of either "What?" "Why?" or "How?"

Well, I simply don't use media. Or rather I try to avoid media like the plague, at least entertainment media that is. We've heard enough people prone to using "back in my day," in every other sentence to understand that our generation uses quite a bit of media.

Media is impossible to avoid; it's plastered on signs crowding the sides of the roads, appears after every couple of songs through the radio, and we even get YouTube ads to remove certain media by 'upgrading to YouTube Red.' Media can be printed, broadcasted, displayed on the Internet or media can be a movie, a book, or your favorite TV show—one that I am telling you to avoid.

How could you possibly benefit from dropping your favorite Netflix show? Truly, the rewards are up to the individual, but take a glance below.

1. Improved Social Life


All the time spent talking about if Jughead is going to be with Betty can easily be replaced by reflecting on that one time your friend peed in the sink during truth or dare.

2. Less Lonely Complex


This ties into social life but when watching television and other entertainment media, people learn behaviors and create expectations of how social they should be in comparison to those they see on screen. Individuals need a different amount of social interaction and media should not set a standard.

3. Improved Attention


While in class or at work, your mind wanders less to the escape that entertainment media provides and forces you to focus on the reality at hand.

4. Improved Productivity


Instead of instantly running home to read the book you've been longing for all day or the TV show, when the temptation of entertainment media is removed, all the home projects or homework assignments suddenly take priority.

5. Impressed Peers

I've gotten plenty of disbelieving statements, most along the lines of, "I wish I could do that." Personally, I wish I could do it better and avoid it more.

It's important to note that not all entertainment media is bad and it's okay to binge on Netflix, devour a whole book series, or read Cosmo late at night. Just don't make it a habit. In the end, consume as much entertainment media as needed for you, but push your boundaries.

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20 Absolute Truths Of Dating A Frat Star

"Bro, watch how fast I can shotgun this beer! Aren't you proud?"


Ah, frat boys. Excuse me, frat "stars." Such mysterious creatures filled with beer, chants, and thoughts of Yeti butt pictures filling their heads. This is just a short list of truths that come with the glorious privilege of dating a frat star. If you get offended reading this list, you fall under this category.

1. They'd rather hang empty beer boxes on their wall than pictures of you.

2. They'll always put their "boys" above you.


3. Their idea of dressing up is chubbies and a button down with Sperrys.

4. Date night Saturday? Hah, it's for the boys.


5. They put more planning into their next social than your next date.

6. If you break up with one, you break up the whole fraternity.


7. After that break up, those "boys" you only saw on Saturdays are gonna be the first ones sliding into your DMs.

8. Every picture you ever post on social media is going in their group chat, get used to no privacy.


9. Speaking of no privacy, every disagreement you get into with your frat star bf is now public knowledge with the rest of the boys, but good things are never bragged about.

10. Those "boys" dictate your relationship more than your actual boyfriend.


11. But secretly, your boy is a total sweetheart, but that's a forbidden sight that nobody sees except you.

12. He'll get hazed too, and you can't say anything about it.


13. They spend more money on beer and booze than they do on you.

14. If you aren't in a sorority, you can forget about ever being invited to his fraternity events.


15. He'll take pictures with random girls all the time at events, but don't worry, it's for the philanthropy.

16. The word "bro" is used in place of every pronoun.


17. As a girl, to a frat star, you instantly earn brownie points if you take a yeti butt picture and let the boys write their letters on your cheeks.

18. He actually thinks your impressed by how fast (or slow) he can shotgun a beer.


19. Nobody will believe you when you say he does something wrong because he's "such a good guy" and "does so much for the fraternity, he's a bro."

20. He may actually be a good guy, but as long as he still says "Saturdays are for the boys," you can forget about having a healthy relationship. Wait until he's out of college, sweetie.


Cover Image Credit:

Universal Pictures

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