Swiping Left And Right On Tinder Was Not For Me

Swiping Left And Right On Tinder Was Not For Me

To an exciting adventure of self discovery, love, and the unknown that lies ahead of me.

Bennett Yoc

It's currently 1:20 a.m. as I'm writing this, and it's fair to say that I'm slightly buzzed. My body has been overtaken by a pleasant warm feeling. I decided to retire for the night to allow my roommate to mingle with this girl in the living room. She came to visit him from out of town, so after sharing a few beers with them, now my night beings.

Some might get depressed in a situation like mine, but I was excited to get back in the lab, that is my room, to blast music and attend to my hobbies. Immediately, I wanted to read anything and everything I could find. I was hoping to find a forum on Reddit with a community of individuals that couldn't fall asleep just yet because we're consumed by deep thought.

Before leaving my roommate and his friend, a small part of me wished to have a girl over as well. However, I quickly shelved that thought because over a month ago I decided to delete my Tinder account. Like most people, I've deleted the app multiple times in the past, but this time it's gone for good. Sure, I've had the urge to download and open it again to message a person I've matched with, but if I did that I would be doing myself a disservice.

I'd rather spend the time and energy on something else. Towards self-improvement. At the start of the fall semester, I had a deep unavoidable feeling of wanting to spend time with someone, to go out and do things with them. However, this semester I have an unavoidable feeling to follow my interests and hobbies with no limitations. Additionally, I have a strong curiosity to see what happens when I dedicate a long period of time doing things for myself that I enjoy and where it would lead me. Ignoring if I might seem lame for rejecting offers to go out drinking and choosing to stay in and read a book, teach myself how to code, write, watch a movie, or even go to that Jazz bar by myself because it's more my scene than the typical college bar.

I guess the main reason I deleted Tinder is out of curiosity. It's the unknown. What heights could I reach with no distractions in my way to focus primarily on self-love/improvement? Besides, if I'm meant to have a soulmate I'll find her when I'm least expecting it. In the time being, I'll focus on me, so, when I do meet her, I'm the best version of myself. Who knows, maybe I'll meet her along the way.

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