Why Women Love Pilots

Why Women Love Pilots

"Sometimes we like watching our man take control."

I read recently that being a pilot is one of the hottest jobs a man could have...and I couldn’t deny or disagree with that statement. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the aviation community working at a flight school and almost every man in my life, including my boyfriend, are pilots. They are the type of guys you won’t forget and will never want to forget. After hearing that the most swiped right job on tinder was a pilot, I couldn’t help myself to not explain why girls love pilots.

They taking date nights to a new level.

When you date a pilot you no longer have to go to the same places for date nights in the town you live in. Whether they own their own plane, or they rent it for the night you guys could fly to almost anywhere you could imagine. Making that date even more intimate and sexy!

They are the three most important S’s...

Sweet, sexy and smart! The hours of studying and work that goes into becoming a pilot is no joke. Whether they did it through a college program or at a flight school, they dedicated so much time and a lot of money to finally be able to pursue their dream. I also find these men to be super sweet while being able to look hunky behind the controls. Which to me if you are a guy and you are all of the three S’s then that is the deal breaker for me!

It is a job for all ages.

Even once your man is retired, that doesn’t mean the flying is over yet. Aviation is friendly for all ages as long as the medical is valid, haha! How sweet will that be to be retired, and be able to vacation in the Bahamas, fly to see the grandchildren or perhaps just go be up in the sky for a beautiful sunset? Having a pilot in your life will never be old. Even if he is told the sad moment he is no longer able to fly, that is OK that is what safety pilot’s are for!

Women love a man in uniform.

That is a well-known fact. Whether he is driving a cop car, putting out a house fire or flying a plane, it is all of our weakness.

They're confident.

Pilots are waiting to be traveling as a passenger to hear the question, “Do we have a certified pilot on board”? That will be their time to shine and save the day by taking the controls in their own hands. When you are up in the sky with a pilot you feel safe, he’s close beside you, he’s communicating on the radio and he has a bunch of confidence in himself while being high up in the sky.

I know not every female will agree, or say they love pilots. For the most part majority of women find being a pilot an attractive career. Whether aviation is their job or a hobby I would recommend all the ladies I know to at least experience it.

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Thank you for always being the best.

1. Being there through it all, even if you're not "physically" there

We can't always be together, but you have never completely "left" me behind and have been there with me through thick and thin and I am so grateful.

2. Being my biggest cheerleader

Thank you for not only being there through the bad, but also celebrating my victories with me. I can always look forward to telling you good news because I know you'll be happy right along with me.

3. Answering my "important" phone calls

Whether it's a "he texted me back!!!" phone call, or an "I found a gray hair, please help!!" phone call, you pick up the phone and hype up with me no matter what.

4. Being selfless, and going above & beyond to make sure I know I'm worthy

This explains itself and I am so grateful for that.

5. Brushing my hair when I don't feel like it

Okay, this probably sounds silly... But it's the greatest struggle to brush my hair and I'm glad you do it for me sometimes!

6. For being there through all of my mini-crises

You already know what I'm talking about here...

7. For talking me out of things

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8. Making me a part of your family

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to My Best Friend, and Role Model

How my best friend's Instagram account has made an enormous impact on my life


Dear Bella,

I am so lucky to have you in my life. I wish everyone had a best friend like you to be inspired by. The powerful, genuine thoughts you have recently started sharing on social media have inspired me to look at life in a different way. Your honesty in every post shows how strong you have become in the short year that I have known you. You are simply an amazing human being and I do not know what I did to deserve someone like you to be in my life.

I met Bella over a year ago through my long-time best friend, Zoie. Bella was going through a bit of a rough patch, so Zoie and I went on a run to take her a "comfort slurpee" from Speedway. Since that day, she and her family have been the most welcoming household I know of besides my own. From the rave-themed birthday party we hosted with only the three of us in attendance, to our simple movie nights and dinner dates, you have been one of my go-to gal pals since that very first day.

Fast forward to June 2018: in a little over one short month, my sweet friend, Bella Malatesta, known as iam.becoming on Instagram, has gained almost 4,000 followers on her new blog celebrating her personal awakening. She has turned a simple Instagram account into a personal blog, featuring her inspirational and thought-provoking views and feelings. Yes, there are already plenty of "Instagram girls" who are fun to follow for their aesthetically-pleasing feeds and good looks, but Bella's account is special. With iam.becoming you get a glimpse into Bella's beautiful soul, as well as all the usual perks of following an "Instagram girl".

Bella's posts always begin with "I am." which is a powerful phrase that is created by her initials. This phrase has become something of a mantra for both Bella and her followers. "I am." inspires you to think in such a way that you feel empowered to be anything you want to be.

"Unapologetically Me" is my favorite post that Bella has far created thus far. I highly suggest that anyone who reads this letter takes a look at that post. As the name suggests, the post reflects on how Bella came to realize that it is okay to be yourself, an idea that many girls struggle with as young adults. Bella's inspirational posts have already inspired many girls in our local area. She has received many many direct messages and comments of encouragement from friends and some people she has never even met. The support she is receiving is unreal and I am so proud of the person she has chosen to be.

I have read all off her posts word for word and not one has disappointed me. I am so lucky to know a girl who has chosen to live her life in a positive way instead of focusing on the negatives. It takes a strong, independent person to have the confidence to post these very private thoughts, all with the knowledge that she could be judged for those very thoughts by her peers.

Bella, I encourage you to continue iam.becoming for many years; see where it takes you and the incredible platform you will build. Keep growing beyond the beautiful person you are today. I am so thankful to have a continuing friendship with someone like you. "I am." thankful to personally know Isabella Malatesta.

Love, Brianna

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