I am a firm believer that everyone in their life should own at dog at some point. I see that own a dog or having a pet of some sort is an important thing for a child and/or an adult to have in their life. When you own a dog or a pet, you are responsible for someone other than yourself and have to keep them alive. You have to go home sometimes and let them out so they don't go to the bathroom in your house or you have to find someone else to watch them. You have to remember to feed them so that they can keep living. I love when I see couples saying that they are going to get a dog to practice for when they have children because in some ways it's accurate and others it's not.

The first thing you get after getting a dog, which is important in every aspect of your life is: patience. If you get a puppy or a kitten or any baby animal then you will have to have patience because they don't know anything yet. You have to be patient with your animal because they don't know the rules of your house yet and it's almost like having a baby who doesn't know anything. An important thing when you are training your animal is that they don't speak English and remember when you yell at them and if you made them feel scared.

Something else that you get from getting a pet is love. When I say love, I don't just mean like how you love your friend, no this is like loving a family member. The love that your pet gives you is endless and unconditional. They will love you no matter what you do or where you go, they will never stop loving you. This love can be felt when they come up to when you're having a bad day and you didn't even tell them. They just know, they know what to do to show their love for you.

Your pet will always provide entertainment for you in whatever they do. My dogs like to roll around on their backs in the dirt and on the carpet and it's the funniest thing to watch them flail their legs around upside down. Also, you never know what they're going to do. My dogs don't drink out of their regular water bowls anymore, they will only drink out of the Halloween bucket. When you walk through the door, they always get so excited to see and they act like it's been years since they've seen you instead of like five minutes.

When you get a dog or have a child, something happens, you realize and understand that they are relying on you for everything. You gain responsibility and kindness. When you have something living in your house that can't function on its own, you are now responsible for it and everything that it needs. You also have to learn kindness because if you want your dog to be nice to the other dogs it meets, then you need to be kind to it. Same thing with a child, if you want your child to be kind and share, then you have to be kind and share with your child. Dogs and children watch what you do in order to know what they should do.

Another benefit that comes with owning a dog is happiness and joy. When you come home after having a bad day, your dog can tell immediately and will cuddle with you or do something silly to make you happy and smile. When you come home, your dog gets so excited and it can be a good reminder that you are needed in this world and that there is someone who does love you. Dogs can bring joy just by being there and never leaving your side.

I know that when people talk about getting a dog, their first thought is usually the cost and responsibility that comes with it, but those should be the last things. When you get a dog, you are not just getting someone else to live in your house, you are introducing someone new into your life. Remember, they are there for only a piece of your life, but you are their whole life.