Taking Time To Love Yourself

Why should I love you when I can spend the time loving myself. Why does society make us feel as if we have to spend time finding someone to love when we are young. Is it all just about the label of a relationship? The idea of not being alone? Posting pictures to please others? The importance of a relationship seems so high when you are in grade school, especially high school. But then you move onto college and it does not seem as important, but still that societal importance still seems present.

Why can't we just spend time while we are young bettering ourselves and learning to love who we are, and waiting until the right person comes along to add to our lives for the better? The more we push to have someone in our lives the less likely it is to be something good, something worth holding onto. I would so much rather be on my own and being patient for the right person, than wasting time with people who might just be holding me back.

Of course it is nice to have someone by your side to do life with, but if it is not the right person we should not be wasting our time and efforts. Rather spending that time and effort on ourselves, bettering ourselves, loving ourselves, and building friendships in our lives. What used to seem to be such a priority to have, is not anymore. It is something that would be nice, but not something essential to have in any means.

As a lot of people say, "you can not love someone else until you learn to love yourself first." So why can't we seem to take that time to discover ourselves and become a person we love, before we invite someone else to join us in life. Of course it is nice to feel loved by someone, but that feeling is not anything compared to the feeling of loving yourself. Loving yourself is not a love that can leave you broken in the end, it is a love that only builds you up stronger.

Nobody should be out there wasting their time, their feelings, their efforts, or their heart when it is not the right time or the right person. Why put yourself through feeling broken, instead of waiting and not forcing something to happen. Spend the time to love yourself, and the right person's path will eventually cross paths with your own.

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