Why We Should All Be Feminists
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Why We Should All Be Feminists

Feminism is not what society perceives it as.

Why We Should All Be Feminists

"We should all be feminists." -Maria Grazia Chiuri

March is the month of the woman. It is Women's History Month and includes the worldwide celebration of International Women's Day. In honor of women all around the globe, we need to acknowledge the meaning of feminism and women empowerment.

Feminism. That's the term women made up to mock men, right? Or is it that excuse women use to get their husbands to do things for them? It's basically something totally against the creation of men...right?

The biggest misconception about feminism is that people think it only applies to women. NO! Wrong, false, untrue, incorrect!

Even though it doesn't sound like it, feminism is about equality for both genders. It takes pride in the fact that females are not defined by the amount of makeup they wear, how big their butts are, or any other superficial factor like appearance. Feminism encourages the notion that women should be defined by their intelligence, skills, abilities, efforts, and every other thing that men are defined by. It preaches that women can be fierce while men can be sensitive, women can be the CEOs while men can be the assistants, women can construct buildings while men can design clothes, women can be athletes while men can be nurses, the list goes on and on of the opposite gender qualities. There is no limit because both genders are equal. That is feminism.

Now that you know what feminism really is, the real matter is:

Why should men be feminists?

Because a man is not just a man because he wears suits and ties instead of dresses or shaves his beard instead of plucking his eyebrows. He is a man because of the women that raised him, loved him, hated him, surrounded him, or even might have made eye contact with him (vice versa for women as well). Men and women affect and rely on each other, no matter how lightly or heavily the reliance may be. We are who we are because of the gender(s) opposite to us. We equally make up each other.

If you are a male and a feminist, it doesn't mean that you are "gay" or "girly." It makes you a more intelligent, classy, and respectful man for believing in the rights of both genders instead of your own. It displays strength of character and humility, something women admire (take notes gents). Men and/or women that do not believe in feminism either do not understand it, are too ignorant to attempt to understand it, or too arrogant about their own gender to support the other.

Men should be as involved in feminism as much as women are. After all, feminism is all about gender equality, so the support for each gender should reciprocate off of each other. There should be just as many male feminists as there are female feminists.

Whether you are a male or female, here are a few ways to be a Feminist:

1. Encourage each other as much as possible.

If your sister wants to become a doctor, don't tell her to become a nurse because it's "more of a woman's job." Don't discourage her for any reason related to her being a woman. Feminism is all about believing that women can do anything men can do, and men can do anything women can do. If she truly wants to be a doctor, trust her decision and uplift her aspirations as much as you can. A situation like this is similar to the issue of equal pay and voting rights for women. They all involve the question of whether women should be treated equally and the answer should always be yes!

Similarly, if your male cousin wants to become a cook instead of an engineer, don't discourage him. Follow him along the way. Sign him up for a local cooking class. Give him tips on how to make the perfect alfredo pasta. Even the smallest amount of positivity can go a long way!

2. Encourage your fellow men and women as much as possible.

As important as it is for men and women to lift each other up, fellow women and fellow men should also always have each other's backs. We are all in this together, fam.

If your male friend is more interested in singing in the talent show than trying out for the soccer team, don't call him "gay" or "girly." Help him choose a song to sing, or show your support by going to his talent show audition!

Likewise, your girl friend is more interested in joining the computer science club than modeling in the fashion show with you, don't spread rumors about her more masculine interests. Help her with her computer science coding projects! Display empathy and acceptance of her desires.

These are simple ways to break barriers and labels created by society of how men and women should act. Men should motivate other men, not bring them down.

3. Just don't resemble any of the actions or beliefs of our beloved women's rights activist, the golden (or should I say orange) ticket of America, Donald Trump.

(This POTUS clearly never exaggerates)

(I guarantee that you will get all the chicks with this clever new pick up line!)

4. Protect each other.

If you know that your female friend will be walking the streets at night alone, make sure she doesn't. Walk her to her destination, find someone to go with her, make sure she stays on main roads and away from small, quiet streets/alleys, or call her while she's walking. Make it a priority to protect her in any way. Concerning safety, a man's presence with a woman goes a much longer way than you may think.

Similarly, if your male friend is in a fight with the tough guys behind the dumpsters of your high school, don't join in with the immature group of kids laughing and taking videos of the fight. Go help your friend out and break up the fight!

Simply being by a gender's side in any situation is a huge step to understanding and participating in feminism.

Overall, being a feminist doesn't mean that you hate the existence of men. It doesn't mean that you have to chant Beyonce songs in the streets or wear pink on Wednesdays (two Mean Girls references in one article; you're welcome). You just have to support women as equals to men. Whether it be your mom, sister, grandmother, girlfriend, dog/cat, whatever. You just need to believe that women and men deserve to have the same rights. Same pay, same voting, same opportunities, anything. I hope this article cleared your misunderstandings of feminism and/or inspired you, male or female, to become a feminist!

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