Sparing 10 minutes out of your day can keep you informed about the world. Give it a shot, it's worth it. Here are a few of the many benefits of reading the news!

1. There is no “bad side" of reading the news.

No matter who you are or what you like, reading the news will never harm you. It's not a waste of time or a distraction. Instead, it is a form of learning.

2. It is like a story.

Someone once told me that reading the news is like a novel. When you first start, it's like starting from the middle of a book. However, a few chapters (days in), you start to understand the context and find it interesting.

3. It is a great conversation starter.

Instead of using the weather as a conversation starter, use a headline story. People are always interested in a little debate and often times, this is the best way to get a group engaged in a conversation.

4. To be informed.

Every single person makes a difference and has the power to make an impact, but it is important to understand what is going on in the world around you. Don't vote for a candidate because you are in favor of a particular party, but understand their beliefs and tactics so you can make the best choice.

5. Land a job or internship.

Large firms are always in the news and the smaller firms read about larger firms as examples for their businesses. Being informed about these big firms can help you answer an interview question, and show your interviewer that you're actually interested and well informed. If anything, you can have a conversation with them and change the dynamic of your interview.

6. Know what your money is worth.

The economy is always changing and it is so crucial that you know what your money is worth, where it is going and what the future holds for you in order to understand your financial stability. Read the news so you're not surprised about the breakdown of your money.

7. It is great for traveling.

Don't travel to a country without knowing what is going on there. It's one thing to Google a country and research it, but it is another thing to have constant knowledge about international affairs. Whether it is the economy, natural disasters or political changes, it is always important to be globally aware.

8. It's the history of tomorrow.

A few years from now, what you read in the news today will be perceived as history and may even be in history textbooks. Why not be informed about the changes occurring around you now instead of reading it in textbooks tomorrow?

The next time you have a few minutes or are waiting on a bus and scrolling through old Instagram and Twitter posts, take a few minutes to read the news. Download some news apps or follow news channels on Twitter so you can constantly be updated.

The good old newspaper is always a great way to start or end the day. Be informed and be the change.