President-Elect Joe Biden Is Just The 'Average Joe' Democrats Need In Office
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President-Elect Joe Biden Is Just The 'Average Joe' Democrats Need In Office

In stark contrast to the elitism and wealth the Trump administration has projected, the Biden administration is a breath of fresh air. A man from a middle-class family who many Americans can look up to is finally taking office in the White House.

President-Elect Joe Biden Is Just The 'Average Joe' Democrats Need In Office
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Regardless of your political affiliation, members of both sides have waited patiently the results of the 2020 presidential election. That day has finally come and Joe Biden is our president-elect.

Whether you support him or not, Biden will be taking office on January 20, Inauguration Day, and the contrast between him and President Donald Trump is huge.

Just the way Biden holds himself and respects others is refreshing to both see and hear. After four long years of hearing lie after lie come out of President Trump's mouth, Biden's respect and grace aren't just welcomed, they are needed.

Although both parties hold people of varying incomes, the Democrats look up to the fact that wealth won't be the only thing Biden sees in people. In Trump's years in office, he has favored people of a higher wealth over people that brought in a lower income.

After the last four years of craziness, America has had to endure, a change is necessary. Having your "average Joe" in office (yes, literally), is what many Americans want, but more importantly, need.

Policy aside, Biden is a good, respectful man. His selflessness especially shined when the cameras stopped rolling after his town hall on ABC. While Trump left the stage immediately (on a different network, NBC), Biden stayed and talked to members of the audience personally. I think Trump lacks empathy and respect for other humans, while Biden truly cares about Americans, regardless of the political party.

At many of his speeches, Biden has even said that regardless of your political party, he will work equally as hard for each side.

Would you ever hear that out of President Trump's mouth?

I haven't.

That is the difference between these two men.

Biden's selflessness, charm, grace, kindness, and respect have put him far over the finish line of winning the White House. I believe he will work for ALL Americans. That is what matters. President-elect Joe Biden is the change Americans need in their lives. We need a break from the craziness Trump has put us through.

America needs a normal four years. We have waited long enough, and are more than deserving. I welcome Biden to lead the country, and I hope for a new beginning.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or independent, let's put all prejudice aside and give President-elect Joe Biden a fair chance to turn the country around.

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