Back in the 2016 election, Bernie Sanders was a candidate that captured lots of people's attention. He popularized "Democratic socialism" and seemed to win liberals over very easily. He seemed like the fun grandpa of the race.

Unfortunately, he didn't get the Democratic nominee, which ended his 2016 campaign. The focus was then on Hilary Clinton, who was the more moderate candidate that reflected the picture that the Democratic party wanted to paint.

But on February 19th, the long-awaited announcement of Bernie Sanders running for 2020 came. Within the first 24 hours of his announcement, Sanders raised $6 million. There is obviously a lot of support for Sanders in the race right now. But as things move along, will that support stay? Will the race be the same as last time?

To break it down, here are the pros and cons of Bernie Sanders running again.

Here are the pros:

1. Bernie has lots of support.

Lot's of people like him, only having a 19% dislike rating in a poll from Monmouth University. Plus, as I stated before, he raised millions within 24 hours of his announcement of running.

2. The people who wanted to see him can vote now.

I remember back in high school, during my senior year, I wasn't old enough to vote in the 2016 election. I wouldn't be 18 until the beginning of 2017. I know that lots of my peers couldn't vote either at the time. But now that three years have passed, we will be able to voice our vote in this coming presidential election.

3. He is still a democratic socialist, and that's popular with lots of young people.

Sanders political views seem to resonate with lots of people my age, and I am seeing more and more young people becoming involved in politics. If Sanders plays his cards right, he could get the support of young people.

4. Sanders has been a senator for 12 years.

He has experience in government and knows the ins and outs of it. People usually like to see that candidates have experience in politics, but as we've seen, that's not always a determining factor for some.

5. Sanders has been a long time supporter of civil rights.

This is something that we're likely to see on his platform and it's an issue that resonates with many Americans.

And now, the cons:

1. Lots of Democrats are running this year.

There are already 10 Democrats running, including Sanders. This will make for an interesting race, and we'll see who stays.

2. Sanders will be running in the same cycle as Trump, again.

Trump drew out lots of support from the far right last time, and Sanders drew out support from the far left. As we saw, the far right won the race, so who's to say it won't again?

3. The Democratic party is changing.

It's becoming more diverse and young, and people might want someone to represent their party that looks like them, not another old white guy.

4. He is really an independent, not a Democrat.

While he ran as a Democrat in 2016, that was only because he thought that an Independent couldn't win the presidency. Lots of his ideas align more with a Democratic Socialist, not a Democrat, which usually has more moderate views. People might want to see someone more moderate, but then again, that was the platform that Hilary ran on.

I hope that things work out this time around for Bernie, as I did want to see him get the nominee last time. But the playing field is getting tougher for him, so I'm excited to see what the 2020 race will hold.