Why you Need a Humidor in Your Home
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Why you Need a Humidor in Your Home

Humidors are must have appliances for a modern house.

Why you Need a Humidor in Your Home

Nothing rocks a cigar lover or collector's world than the access to enjoying good cigars. Whether you get to enjoy your cigar or not depends on your maintenance culture.

What are Humidors?

Just like you have a refrigerator to store perishable goods, you have humidors to help control and regulate the temperature of your cigar. A humidor is a primary equipment for cigar storage and maintenance. A humidor can be as small as a box for personal storage of cigars or it could be large enough for you to walk in like in cigar stores. Either way, its primary aim is to maintain the humidity level of your cigars so that they last longer and improve on the tastes and aromas. A regular cigar humidor is made up of some important components to help it achieve its regulation purpose. These components include; hygrometer, thermostat, and humidifier.

The Importance of Humidors

Below are some of the Missy common benefits of using a humidor in your space especially if you smoke.

Control Humidity Levels

The most important function of humidors is to control humidity levels as the name implies. Humidity tampers with healthy cigars such that if your cigar is too wet, it becomes cluttered and messy. This in turn means the aroma, flavor, and smoke from the cigar get all wrong. In the same vein, when your cigar is too dry, it just falls apart. The key to enjoying your cigar is keeping the humidity level balanced at all times.

Protection Against Sunlight

An added advantage of humidors is that they protect your cigars against the direct sun rays. The harshness of the sun contradicts the maintenance culture of your cigar. It is only logical because the humidor comes in boxes and is more often than not, secured tightly when it isn't in use.

Preservation and Spicing

Like wine, the longer cigars remain in humidors, the better they taste. The humidor adds its unique flavor to the cigar's original flavor. This is coupled with the fact that it protects your cigars from being infested with tobacco beetles.

Types of Humidors

There are different types of humidors ranging from size, price, texture, etc. Here we will discuss some common types of humidors:

Humidors for Traveling

Humidors for traveling are handier and smaller than other kinds. You may find a pocket-sized humidor to accommodate two or three cigars or a small briefcase size for longer trips. Your traveling habit should not be a reason to let fine cigars go to waste.

Personal Humidors (desktop/cabinet)

Personal humidors are easily the commonest kinds of humidors. They are often found in homes of people who value good smoke. They may be able to accommodate up to 50 or more cigar collections at the same time. You may place cabinet humidors at the bar or let desktop humidors sit in a nice corner in your study/office.

Commercial Humidors

Commercial humidors may be extremely large enough for you to walk in. They house larger amounts of cigars, tobaccos, and other kinds of smoke. These humidors are mostly found in stores.

Electrical Humidors

While many humidors are manually operated, the electric humidors work with electricity. They however perform the same functions.


Humidors are extremely important to maintain cigar quality. Without a humidor, your cigars may not last for more than a couple of days as they may suffer from dehydration or too much humidity.

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