Most of you know, my boyfriend Cameron and I have been dating for almost 2 years. Now, if you do the math – that’s my entire college career, thus far.

Who would’ve thought that I met my guy, the night before I graduated high school? Definitely not me! He is the sweetest, most fun-loving guy that I know and I am so thankful that we get to take on life together! Often times, I get asked by others why I chose to stay in a long-distance relationship.

The list of reasons that our relationship is my favorite, however here are the three main reasons that I love my long-distance relationship.

1. I have a personal life

I am able to commit myself to different quality student organizations. I am able to work a part-time job, and I am able to hang out with my friends on a regular basis. I am also able to successfully finish all of my school work to the best of my ability. I am so thankful for Cameron’s encouragement to stay involved at my school, with my job, and my relationship with my friends.

2. I look forward to the weekends!

Nearly every other weekend, Cameron and I spend the weekend together. Typically, we cook together, watch television together, and do homework together. Typical college students, right? I look forward to the weekends that we spend together because he isn’t here, nor am I there every day of the week.

3. Our time together is never taken for granted

I feel like couples who spend every waking hour together, are not as thankful for their time spent together. I am always thankful for the time that Cameron and I spend together. It doesn’t have a be a date, it doesn’t have to be a fun concert. We don’t have to have anything special planned, in order for us to spend time together. I am so thankful for our weekends together, even if we don’t leave the apartment!

All of this doesn’t go to say that I don’t miss him daily because I do. 172 miles apart is a lot, trust me – but I will it will be worth it one day! For now, I am going to enjoy living my life as a college gal.

So what my boyfriend doesn’t live here? So what that we don’t see each other every day? Facetime, Snapchat, and Texting do the trick for the 11 days we are apart. From our long-distance relationship, we are gaining lasting friendships, the life skill of motivation, and learning how to be grateful for life’s every little detail. When the right time comes, we will be together – but until then, we are just chillin’!