When I was younger, I was always bound and determined to keep a journal. I tried to convince myself that it was something that I would love to do - writing about all of my thoughts and keeping track of all the things I did that day. I was actually pretty successful for a while and I was pretty consistent with it. I had that one journal for about two years and then I got side tracked and just stopped writing in it. Ever since then, I have collected so many different beautiful journals with the intention of writing in them but I have never had the inspiration. It's like any time I try to write something down, I feel like it is pointless - like, I just lived that day, I shouldn't have to write it down to remember it. But now, I feel like I have forgotten so much of what I did when I was younger; and it's something I have actually come to regret.

There have been so many things that I have done, so many adventures and experiences that I have had that I desperately wish that I had written down so I would be able to have a fresh reminder of it every time I opened up to that page. Luckily, I am someone who makes sure to save everything from everywhere I go. Or as my roommate so lovingly puts it, "saves every piece of paper I come across". Though it is true, I have two huge boxes that are deemed my "memory boxes" and it has ever movie stub from 2007, every brochure from anywhere I've been, any mementoes I picked up on my way, or anything else that I thought would jog my memory and that has really helped but it's not the same as having something written down. I mean, I even have confetti from a few concerts I've been to, it's a real problem I have - just ignore that.

So I have finally made a vow to try to write something down each day. Whether it's just a sentence saying that you laid in bed and watched Netflix or if it's a 5-page recount of the trip to Walmart you made, writing something down will always be better than not having anything to say and deeply regretting it. Not to mention, writing things down is a great way to spend a night right before bed. It's something calming and you can get all of your thoughts out of the way before bed so you don't sit for as long replaying everything that happened - because you already did that!

Keeping a journal is definitely one of my resolutions because I really want to try to keep this year in my memory for as long as I can. Hopefully, it can be a trend that I can uphold for a long time and I will finally have all of my great adventures documented so my dumb memory won't forget anything.