Before assuming someone else is arrogant, make sure it's not your own insecurities speaking out first. A sincere person who desires to only share their achievements with a friend may not necessarily be arrogant. If anything, friends ought to be allowed to share these precious moments within their lives with others they care about. If their friend, the one attempted to be included, believes that this one person may be arrogant instead, then that friend who is trying to be included may seriously need to look within themselves as to why they feel that this person they are judging is arrogant. Yes, you see, a lot of times, this may actually come from an insecurity issue instead, and it may be misdirected towards the outer world if this one person is not being completely honest with himself or herself.

Each of us must be sure that we are self-reflecting properly in a mature manner so that we will not project any of these inner self-wounds onto others. If one does not admit that one has a problem, then it will manifest in some other way within the external world. These problems will consist until the real issue is dealt with. We all need to be self-aware. If not, this type of insecurity will seep into our relationships causing havoc, and in the end will hurt us instead by pushing the person we care about away.

If you as a person are having some of these issues, it may be time to do some inner self-reflecting and work. Take time to appreciate something that is special to you. Work on inner self-acceptance, and never compare yourself with others. Work on your own goals, and work extremely hard. Do not look at anyone else's. Only appreciate other's hard work, and think from their point of view. This, in turn, could cause happiness to dwell within you for them instead. In the end when you finally accomplish your own goals with all your heart and soul put into it, you may find yourself acting very similar to the sharing friend who desires to have others notice a job well done too for you see accomplishing dreams is never easy. It takes real hard work and commitment.

Examples of this could be: Good grades, an award, graduation, a long-term accomplishment
People really do like to feel appreciated for the hard work that they have put in. This, unfortunately, is not arrogance, but only misdirected. Do not limit a person's enthusiasm.