Why Introverts Are Important To Society
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Why Introverts Are Important To Society

The reason why we need introverts in this world and how they benefit society.

Why Introverts Are Important To Society
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People are defined into two categories based on their personality...

Introverts: Having a quiet aware personality and tend to energize while alone. Being in large crowds may overwhelm these types of people and drain their energy.

Extroverts: Having an outgoing and noticeable personality and energize from being with others. When they tend to be alone for a certain amount of time, their energy is drained and they have the need to be with company most of the time.

Now most people are just familiar with the two personalities; Introverts and Extroverts. But if you want to define someone who is in between these two, you would use the word to describe them as being Ambivert.

Ambiverts are people who act both introverted and extroverted at times. Most people fall into this category actually.

The discussion of Introverts and Extroverts has been going on for many decades relating to Psychology. In this day and age people who are faced with the news of social media and peer pressure tend to have interests in extroverted qualities, wanting to live the extroverted lifestyle. I understand the pressure of wanting to live the exciting life of people who enjoy a high energy lifestyle, but although being with extroverted people is enjoyable at times, society would not be the same without introverts to balance out the personality traits.

As an introvert myself, I have realized that although we might not prefer the outgoing life of an extrovert, we play a very big part in society and to the people around us. These are points on why I believe the world needs introverts.

1) We listen carefully to our surroundings

When we are around crowds of people or in front of people that we are chatting with, we tend to be much more observant of our surroundings and what people are saying. Some might think introverted people are just being shy around crowds, but most of the time we are attentively listening and observing everything around us, taking everything in and thinking of what move to do next. We can sit in the middle of a crowd of people and listen to conversations quietly, or be involved in a conversation by listening more than chatting to the other person. This makes us aware of surroundings and maybe even become more close to a person that way.

2) We think before we act

Although someone can argue that most people think before they act, it’s introverts who really think of whether their decision will affect their next move or even their future. We never blindly act in situations because we are naturally cautious of our actions and others actions. Introverts tend to think of every outcome possible in a situation, so they are not surprised of a certain outcome. This is why introverts can be amazing in certain field jobs by using their awareness and wisdom to guide their gut feeling.

3) We learn life lessons the first time

Because we quickly pick up on everything around us, the mistakes introverts make will be life-changing, and we usually learn our lesson the first time around because we are now aware of the mistake we made or be aware of a mistake another has made. We learn quickly and avoid repeating the same mistake.

4) Why it’s hard for introverts to have conversations with others

When we enter a conversation or are brought into one, we tentatively listen to what each person is saying or doing, and only talk when we think a conversation is interesting or someone is interesting. At most times we are thinking of what to say next and what to say that won’t sound stupid. For me, this trait is hard because it refrains me from being relaxed in conversations. I constantly worry if people will judge what I say or do, which is why I prefer lying back and listening, interfering in conversation if I want to speak my mind. We think of what to say before we say it, and we are careful of what we say in front of others.

5) We are sensitive

Sensitivity can play as a good ally for introverts or a bad ally. We take most things seriously when we need to, for example relationships; Introverts are extremely sensitive in relationships. We need to build a trust factor with our partner and have a comfortability level with them in order to trust them completely. Some factors that sensitivity can be a negative outcome for an introvert is their will to stand up to something. Introverts can be very strong and speak their mind when they need to, but sometimes sensitivity can block their way in standing up for something. We first need to think of the greater outcome our actions could cause before acting out, and our sensitivity sometimes blocks us from doing so.

6) We thrive on being alone

As for me, I talk in my head to myself everyday and almost every time I am alone. I never am thought empty, even when busy. This trait is one of the most powerful traits to an introvert. We have conversations with ourselves all the time and that can spring up great ideas and questions. Some of the best ideas are born when you are alone with your own thoughts, and introverts thrive on inner thoughts so ideas can be sprouted. While people might comment that we need someone to be with or else we will be lonely and sad, we introverts thrive on being isolated from others. We recharge in quiet spaces and can spend hours, even days, alone from people. We like to spend time reading, listening to music, or just having thought processes. So don’t be too worried if an introvert wants to live like a vampire for a few days, it’s normal.

7) We’re Independent

Although we might like to work with people at times, we actually work best alone. Group projects never work out for introverts, that is why we prefer working alone on something, and we can be very successful from working alone. If you ever need someone to do a task that requires one person, think to hire an introvert. Introverts also don’t feel the need to be with someone most of the time. Although most extroverts prefer a friend by their side most of the time, introverts like to do things alone or just with one person, even if they have close friends they can choose to be with.

8) We are some of the best storytellers and communicators

Some of the best authors and writers for books and movies are introverts, because they create wonderful ideas in their head when they are alone and they observe the natural world around them more closely. Introverts are seen as shy but most introverts are actually very strong headed and know what they want to say, which makes them great speakers in front of large crowds.

9) We have the strongest relationship bonds

Introverts definitely can be the best partners when it comes to relationships, we just need to first gain a strong trusting bond with the other, and trust is very important in an introvert's eye. Because we feel strongly for others, we can become very close to people and form a bond with a person that others cannot form. We try to understand them and become their friend, partner or loved one, which is why introverts are so important to others around them. When you gain an introvert’s trust you have their full heart and soul by your side, and they will rarely or never let you down.

Many people might believe that introverted people are the shy ones that do not like to talk much, but this is not the case to most introverts. We may not be outgoing as extroverts or like to interact as much, but we are intelligent in observation and thought process. The times we are quiet are the times we are most active in taking in our surroundings and trying to become close with others. We need Introverts to balance out society. The love that introverts have can shape many others around them in beneficial ways.

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