I love my major. It is challenging, interesting, and thrilling. I could talk all day about how I feel at home within my major and how I know I'm where I belong. However, it isn't my major that makes me feel so at home in the College of Agricultural Sciences. It's the staff and family behind it.

I was recently chosen to recruit for the College of Agricultural Sciences, and the first week of classes brought many opportunities for community service that helped me see just how wonderful my college is. During move-in day, we volunteered to help the students of the agriculture living learning community into their new homes. Not only were there a swarm of students helping haul blankets and mini fridges up three flights of stairs, but there were faculty helping as well. I saw professors from everything from animal science to agribusiness sweating just as much as the rest of us carrying bag after bag into Stegall Hall. They were also quite welcoming to the students and talkative with parents. We definitely had the most help of any of the buildings, and we lent our hand out to some of the neighboring ones as well. It gave me great pride to see all the ag majors loaning their hands where needed.

We also hosted a welcome back event for the College this week. It was intended to make the new freshmen feel welcomed. We had booths for all the agricultural clubs and Greek organizations, plus free food. It made my heart happy to see new students blending so well with the upper classmen. Every Freshman I talked to had two or three cards in their hands of organizations that they were going to be joining. Whether it was a Sorority, Collegiate FFA, Pre-Vet Club, or Collegiate Farm Bureau, everyone was getting involved. The Chancellor also made sure to stop by, as well as various professors and college donors. They all made sure to mingle with the new students and all you could see were smiles.

The amount of effort and dedication to the college is amazing. I'm always in awe of how involved the professors are with the students. Many of them I have a first-name relationship with, and are very friendly when they see me in the hallway. It's these personal relationships that I wouldn't trade for anything. This is why I am a proud Agriculture major. I wouldn't have it any other way.