Why Life Shouldn't Just Go 'Your Way'

Why Life Shouldn't Just Go 'Your Way'

Is my way the best way?

In life, we have disappointment, heartbreak, confusion, loneliness, pain, and sometimes it feels as though nothing is going our way.

Our lives feel stripped. Stripped of its seemingly most important qualities. How can we go on without these layers? We are left only with the core. What is this core? It's you.

When you feel as though everything is taken away from you, you are left with the opportunity to intentionally add layers onto your life. These layers can secure the core person you want to be. Sometimes being stripped allows us to see what our core really looks like and gives us a new chance to say yes to the things in life that make us better and make us happy.

Through hard times in my life, I found myself asking, 'Why can't things just go my way?' Have you had this thought cross your mind before?

It always seems as though we become bombarded with these situations. It never seems to just be one thing; life has a way of piling more on than we can handle and it seems as though everything breaks at the same time.

There is a secret we must hear in order to gain perspective. Listen carefully and share.

Live your life trusting God's way rather than asking why things aren't going your way.

God's way is much better. He has so much in store for you. He knows who you are and what you are in need of. He will provide and take care of you. His love for you is inescapable.

When I learned to relax and let my guard down in the arms of our God, I found that I don't need life to always go my way. He makes beautiful things out of dust. After all, he did make you.

You are wonderfully and perfectly made and your life does not need a plan. Be still and know that your God is there for you. He will never leave you. Invite him to be a part of your everyday life. You will find that his path for you may lead you in unexpected directions but that they lead to beautiful places.

I know what it is like to feel like nothing is going your way. Know you are not alone. You can't let the situations life throws in your face define you. There's hope. Things will get better.

There is a metaphor I would like to share with you. One day a little boy was with his dad walking down the street. They saw a candy shop and stopped inside to look around. The young boy was no taller than the first shelf of but he did spot a lollipop. "I want that!" the boy exclaimed as he pointed and jumped. His father looked at him and said that he couldn't have it. The boy immediately started crying and flailing his arms. It wasn't fair. Little did the boy know, however, that the reason his father had said no was because there was an even bigger, swirled rainbow lollipop on the top shelf. God works in this kind of way. He sees what is best for us and has better things in store for us than we have for ourselves. Trust in him.

Live your life being OK with things not always going your way. Live your life being grateful that God is there and that he has great plans in store for you.

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