Why I'm Glad I Did Rush
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Why I'm Glad I Did Rush

A response to "Why I Didn't Rush."

Why I'm Glad I Did Rush
Delta Zeta Omicron Omicron

Going through recruitment was not something that I was always sure about. While I knew that I wanted to be involved on campus as a freshman, I just wasn't sure that Greek Life was really for me. Rush seemed intimidating (even at my smaller university) and I had second thoughts about going through recruitment. However, I'm glad I did and have since then become fairly involved in my own sorority chapter.

When I recently came across an article titled "Why I Didn't Rush," I obviously was curious about what the writer had to say. After all, I do realize that Greek Life is not something that everyone wants to be a part of and I have close friends who didn't have an interest in rushing. I assumed that the article would focus on negative media stories, fears of hazing and maybe even bad experiences of the author's friends who did go through recruitment. Instead, I was met with general stereotypes and subjective points with no facts or often even personal experience for support.

A woman's (or man's) decision to go through Greek recruitment is obviously their own. However, I would encourage anyone considering the idea to do what they feel is best for them. I am not here to recruit or persuade, but to simply shed some light on why I'm thankful that I did rush.

1. I found out that the stereotypes weren't real.

Contrary to popular belief, sorority women are not clones. We have different personalities, hobbies, styles and hair colors. I do not own a Lily Pulitzer dress and have never been to a Zumba class. However, I have sisters who do and who have and that is completely okay. We're different people. We're all different people. The beauty of rushing is that you get to interact with the sororities to see their differences for yourself. If you like them, then that's great! If you don't like them, then that's totally fine, too! But, please, never dismiss the idea of going through recruitment because you believe that you don't fit a mold.

2. My sorority mom.

If you know my mother at all, you know she's a bad ass. She got her Master's in psychology, worked in education, raised three kids and loves to travel. She also doesn't spend her days at lunch with her girlfriends, shopping and spending tons of money, gossiping and socializing, or begging me to do anything. However, if she wanted to go shopping or out to lunch to socialize with her girlfriends, who cares? While some "sorority moms" may put others down or feel the need to know everyone's business, that's simply who they are as people. I assure you that plenty of sorority women have amazing mothers who would never judge someone based on their lack of MAC lipstick. Oh, and did I mention that my awesome mother was also in a sorority? Hmmm.

3. The experience is priceless.

Cheesy heading, right? I cannot disagree that college is expensive because it just is. I am paying for my own education and I know that bills can feel pretty heavy. I get that; it is completely understandable for someone to decide that going Greek is not financially plausible for them. However, I would still recommend researching the costs of each organization as well as what the dues cover (such as money for our philanthropies) before dismissing Greek Life completely. After all, it is better to know the specific fees instead of assuming that it's going to cost "God knows how much money."

4. College was my clean slate.

Whenever I went off to college, I wasn't sure who I would be during the next four years of my life. In high school, I played sports and was obnoxiously involved in extracurricular activities such as FBLA, FFA, NHS, Student Council and even Academic Bowl (yes, I was a nerd). I loved my new campus but it didn't feel like home just yet. I found my home with my sisters and I certainly don't feel the need to act "rich and happy all the time." If anything, the strong support system has helped me deal with my anxiety and has made sure that I always have a shoulder to cry on. My sorority didn't only give me "100 sisters," but gave me friends and experiences that will last a lifetime.

5. The social gatherings are great, but sisterhood is greater.

While socials, formals and sisterhood events are amazing opportunities to meet new people and bond with sisters, some of the best nights I've spent with my sisters were completely unplanned. I myself put a huge focus on my studies, which was one reason I decided to go through recruitment and even served my chapter for a year as the Academic Chairman. A majority of Greek organizations have a GPA requirement for joining as well as incentives for members to work hard to get good grades. In fact, on my campus, the average Greek GPA is higher than the average student GPA.

6. Rushing can be hard, but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

As someone who went through recruitment as a potential new member, an initiated woman and a Rho Chi (Recruitment Counselor), I've seen nearly every side of recruitment. It can be stressful meeting so many people at once and not every woman is always extended a bid. I know that at times it can feel like it "freaking sucks," but I've learned so much from rush alone and actually made friends along the way. There are women outside of my sorority who I likely wouldn't be friends with today had we not been in the same group during recruitment. Also, being in a situation where I had to speak to so many new people in the span of a week has helped bring me out of my comfort zone. While it can be stressful and overwhelming, it can also be amazing and rewarding. I can honestly say that the process has brought me closer to some of my best friends.

7. I wanted to break the stigma.

Yes, there is often a stigma around Greek Life and sorority women. According to the stereotypes, all we care about are drinking, parties, "frat boys" and Lily Pulitzer. In reality, my sorority has helped me better myself while doing service for my university and my community. I didn't avoid Greek Life because someone somewhere may assume that I "slept around" because of my organization. My sorority has raised thousands of dollars for our philanthropies and I've been able to serve my community in ways that wouldn't have been available to me without my organization. And while it is not ideal to only join a sorority to boost your resume, it has only helped me while applying for internships because campus involvement is often seen as a positive.

8. Time management.

Of course, there is a time commitment with joining a sorority just as there is a time commitment with any organization or sport you join. In my experience, my sorority has always planned things knowing that everyone has a life outside the chapter. Mandatory events and meetings are scheduled well in advance and while sisterhoods and socials are strongly encouraged, we know that not every woman can make it to every event. I have two jobs, two majors and work hard for my grades. I have many sisters who are student-athletes and sisters who are in the Honors program. While there are obviously people who have large concerns about Greek Life cutting into their already-tight schedules, it is definitely doable to be involved in other things.

If you feel like Greek Life really isn't for you, then that is perfectly fine. I am well aware that being in a sorority is not something that every woman wants to do. While I think that going Greek is a great way to be involved on campus, I still respect the opinion of anyone who has no interest in rushing. Joining my sorority was (and I say this with complete confidence) the best choice I have made in my college career. I absolutely love being a part of my chapter and am grateful for the opportunities it has given me. Rushing may not be for everyone but I am so glad I looked past the stereotypes and gave it a try.


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