Why Having A Sister Close To Your Age Is A Blessing
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Why Having A Sister Close To Your Age Is A Blessing

Sure, they annoy you sometimes, but sisters really are your best friend for life.

Why Having A Sister Close To Your Age Is A Blessing
Rachel Kalinovik

Seriously, having a sister so close to me in age (17 months apart, to be exact) is the best thing in the entire world.

Sure, we get under each other's skin. We argue, we constantly bicker, we've gotten in full on brawls, and sometimes we make our friends uncomfortable due to the amount of arguing we partake in, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

My sister is my absolute best friend. She is the person who, no matter what, is always there to take care of me and make sure that I'm feeling well. If I'm sick and have snot dripping everywhere (I know, ew, right?) she still loves me and would drop her plans on a Friday night to stay in and take care of me. We don't care how gross the other is, all we care about is making sure the other's needs are taken care of. That's what sisters are for, right?

On top of loving me in my most disgusting states, my sister is also my go to person when it comes to advice. Even though 99 percent of the time I'm stubborn and get pissed off about what she has to say, I know she's (usually) right. She's the person who, in every situation, tells me how it is, tells me what I should do, and sends me on my way. There is no dancing around the point with her--she isn't afraid to hurt my feelings because she knows that the end result will be worth it. She talks me down during my anxiety attacks, she knows exactly what to say when I'm crying over someone who has broken my heart, and her hugs make everything better when words just don't cut it.

That being said, when it comes to me getting hurt, she is my protector. I have no doubt that if she had to sacrifice herself to save me she would, and vice versa. I would do anything for her and she would do anything for me, that's just how we work. In every situation, even though we may disagree on some things along the way, we have each other's backs in the end.

Serious things aside, my sister is also my partner in crime. From the, "Hey, I know it's 2:00 a.m., but do you want to go to 7-11 with me to get a Slurpee and taquitos?" texts to some of the dumbest situations we've gotten ourselves into, she's always by my side. If I want to go on a crazy adventure or do something out of the ordinary, she's my go-to girl. Always has been, always will be. Together, we're two halves of a whole lot of fun. She brings out the best in me, and I like to think I do the same for her.

Despite our differences, my sister completes me. Without her levelheadedness to cancel out my wild personality, I would probably go crazy. I am eternally grateful for her being by my side for the last 20 years, and even more thankful that after those 20 years I can still say that she is my best friend, confidant, relationship counselor, partner-in-crime, and so much more. We have gone through so much together and she means the absolute world to me, even though she may not see it at times.

That being said, cheers to the next 20 years, sis! These past years have been pretty great, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of us. Never, ever forget how much I love you.

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