The other day, while talking to my mom, she mentioned how she has her own "coffee time". Now, I was raised in a family where no one drinks coffee (excluding my sister and me, once we got older) so the fact my mom said she had "coffee time" every morning confused me a bit.

Then, she explained:

My mom told me how some people will wake up and make their coffee and that's how they start the day. They may do that cinematic drama feature where they sip their coffee from a mug as they look out the window and think about their day to come. They may do that thing where they have to tip-toe around the house as they wait for their coffee to brew, hoping no one else will wake up until they've had their first cup. But that's now really how my mom does it.

Every morning, before work my mom will wake up and take time for herself. She may take an hour and wash dishes or any other household tasks. She works out every morning. And basically, she takes time for herself before the day really starts. She calls this her "coffee time". It's her time to wake up and start the day before any responsibilities consume her full attention.

This time is incredibly important. It is easy to get wrapped up in the hectic or always-on-the-go lives that a lot of us are living. I mean, sure, we can keep going and going and going until we break, but why wait until then to take time to reflect and breathe?

Having a moment every day set aside for yourself is beneficial in ways that most people don't even realize. Without time for yourself, you can lose sight of your goals and what's important to you. It's easy to fall into a daily, jam-packed, routine.

Why not cut out your own "coffee time"?