It’s officially almost the most exciting (and stressful!) time of year for a high school girl—prom season. Perhaps months of pinning on Pinterest and searching Instagram feeds have led up to this moment; maybe she already has a few dress styles in mind, a hairstyle that would match perfectly, and maybe her mom or dad plan to make a shopping day out of it. Maybe she and her friends make an adventure out of it and go shopping together, helping each other figure out which dress truly looks the best.

Take a minute to think back onto your prom experience—every girl deserves to experience that. However, not every girl can. Not every girl is able to easily have the dress of her dreams, simply because of how expensive prom can truly be.

Maybe we didn’t realize it at the time, but the costs of prom truly add up. You have to pay for a dress, potentially new shoes to match, hair and makeup artists (if you’re like me and don’t trust yourself do it on your own!), and the ticket just to be able to go. Plus, the school may provide transportation to and from the venue, only adding onto the cost even more.

Maybe you did spend a vast amount of your own money on your dress and would like to get some money in return. There’s truly nothing wrong with that, but ask yourself—is it really worth it?

Yes, you’d have a little extra cash to spend or save, but that cash can disappear just as quickly as it came. Donating the dress of your dreams to a girl, who can’t afford to buy that dress on her own, and helping her go to prom? That’s truly worth more than money could ever buy.

So, consider the prom dresses simply sitting in your closet out of it. Instead of posting them for sale online, take them to your local prom dress donation organization. Within a simple Google search, a handful of organizations popped up in my area. Just by doing this small action, you can truly help make a young girl’s dream come true. And isn’t that worth more than getting money back?