My first time meeting a transgender person that was open with his transition and sexual orientation was with Miles Mckenna. He was once a girl that transitioned into what he identifies as a male. I do not know a lot about the trans community, other than that they should be welcomed and accepted because they are courageous for taking their lives into their own hands. I also know that to get their IDs changed they need to prove (through medical paperwork) that they are the new gender. In one of his recent videos, Miles explained how he had hidden his old videos when he was Amanda instead of Miles. It was not until he looked at another trans person's Instagram that he wanted to see her transition because it inspires and helps others realize that it is possible to transition. Miles later made his old videos public again.

We do not hear much from the transgender community because there is not a lot of representation from them in social media (at least, not that can help them in their journey or seem welcomed into society). We tend to judge them or not understand why they transition. What we need to understand is that although they do have the option of not going through a risky procedure, they would spend their lifetime in a body that does not match who they are in the inside. That is why they would go under the needle - months before they undergo surgery they must inject the hormones of their own desired gender.

We should listen more to our fellow T-members to understand them, and we should accept them. A common struggle trans people go through is that they are not addressed by their respective pronouns. It might be confusing at first if they do not look like the pronoun they ask for (binary pronouns are starting to be troublesome) but hang in there, at least you are doing your best to respect their wishes. Do not ask about their OG name, and if you do, ask nicely without pushing an answer out of them. When it comes to anything regarding the LGBT+ community, do not be ashamed of asking questions.