There are many types of disorders and disabilities that we are aware of today and more and more are being discovered. Typically, it is a mutated gene in people unless something has happened to them during their life. People who are disabled or have a disability are still people, just like us, so why do we treat them differently? I realize that the title says they are everything but mean, in some cases, that isn’t true. That may very well be because of how they are treated or just part of the disability that they have. Still, there is no reason to treat them any differently than any other person that we talk to because they are different in various ways.

Have you ever noticed that some of the sweetest kids you meet are the ones that have disabilities? I’ve noticed many times, honestly. I believe they are kind and caring because they know how it feels to be looked at differently and made fun of since they are different. They only want to be treated the way that you would treat one of your friends. That is all they ask. A lot of people say that it is difficult to do that. I understand that it would be if you aren’t used to it. But what are other reasons to say that it is difficult to show them a little kindness back?

It is not only children that deserve to be treated like normal people, but anyone who has a disability does. Some people may be mean because they were treated differently by their “friends”, maybe some family members, and the general public. None of them ask for much, but to be accepted into a society where they are appreciated would be a good start. Or even someone that they can actually be friends with; someone who is not going to make fun of them.

I’m not saying that all people treat them badly or with disrespect. Although, I have seen plenty of people treat them much differently than they should be. Personally, I find it truly disrespectful when they say “hi” to someone and a person doesn’t even acknowledge them. Even though they clearly heard them. I can honestly say that immediately “makes my blood boil.” I acknowledge them and if they say “hi” to me, I’m going to say it back. I refuse to treat them any differently than I would any other person. It makes their day when someone tells them “hi.” Which is great! At the same time, it is very disappointing that we live in a world where people look down on those who have a disability or disorder. That is truly saddening.

Be kind to others. All it takes to make someone’s day is to say “Hi.” Even coming from a complete stranger, that could make someone’s day so much better. Let’s become a society that has some decency towards everyone.