Why Corinne Is Not A True Bachelor Villain

Season 21 of The Bachelor is in full swing. While each season of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette has an obvious season villain (Ex. Chad), this season's is not quite as obvious. Recently, there have been numerous articles written describing Corinne Olympios as the villain in the battle for Nick Viall's heart. I am here to tell you that this woman is no villain. While, yes, she is entitled, spoiled, and makes for good entertainment, she is not the cold-hearted bitch that ABC is making her out to be. Here are 5 reasons Corinne is not this season's Bachelor villain.

1. Just because she doesn't want to shovel poop does not mean she is a bad person.

The Bachelor is known for pushing these girl's to their limits. This particular group date not only made these women shovel horse shit, but it also put them in a situation where they were supposed to perform a demeaning act in order to "prove" themselves to Nick. If my boyfriend put me in a similar situation, I'd hide somewhere as well.

2. She says what's on her mind. That doesn't make her a bad person.

It makes her good TV and maybe a little too blunt, but not a villain. Many of the women backstab, but Corinne is pretty up front about how she feels about the other women. She's there to win, not to make friends.

3. Although, she does a pretty good job at keeping to herself.

Last week was a little crazy. She finally got in Taylor's face (thank you, Corinne), but for the most part, she keeps to herself. Her biggest act as a villain was taking a nap.

4. She knows what she wants and she knows how to play the cards she was dealt to get it.

Yes, Corinne has sex appeal. She has used it countless times to win Nick's attention. I have no problem with this - but beyond her sex appeal, she has played other cards to win his attention as well. She's fun, self-confident, sassy, and funny. She has managed to use all of these traits to continuously win a rose. Some of the women find this annoying and over the top, but that's their problem, not Corinne's.

5. There are way more unpleasant characters on the season - including Nick himself.

Vanessa has been seriously slut shaming Corinne throughout the entire season. Not. Cool.
Taylor is confrontational, unintelligent, and somehow is a mental health counselor. How?
Nick is probably the worst person on the show. He's also incredibly unintelligent, took Danielle around his home town to show her where he banged his ex-girlfriends, and convinced Raven to share her most emotionally scarring moment on national TV.

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