If you're anything like me, then you would agree that college basketball is much more entertaining than the NBA. Specifically, Division I basketball is exhilarating to watch, and always leaves you wanting more. The NBA, however, has turned into a league lacking passion. Players seem to show up to play when they feel like it, and there doesn't seem to exemplify a true love for the game. The best players sign for the best teams in the league, resulting in similar championship match-ups. The Warriors and the Cavaliers are a prime example of this.

Steph Curry's talent, as well as the Warrior's organization, led Kevin Durant to leave the Thunder, giving the Warriors an unstoppable team in the 2016-2017 season. Their shooting statistics were incredible and led them to the championship, winning against the Cavs. Though the Cavs fell to the Warirors, they did win a championship the season before that against... wait for it, the Warriors. And the season before that, the Warrios won it all against.. yup, you guessed it, the Cavs. There has been a history of dominance between many teams in NBA history, that has made the NBA less exciting. From 1959 to 1966, the Boston Celtics won EIGHT straight championships, with Lakers being there opponent 4 times.

College basketball, however, is filled with upsets and jaw-dropping games. The regular season is much shorter, and these games mean more than the regular season games do in the NBA. A college team plays about 30 games in the regular season, while an NBA team plays up to 80 games. Also, any team has a shot in making it into the NCAA Tournment, no matter what the record may be. The winner of each conference within Division I basketball automatically gets spot in the infamous March Madness Tournament. March Madness is quite literally madness in the world of college basketball.

Beginning with 68 teams, the road to the Final Four is an exhilarating journey. Some of the biggest upsets in the history of college basketball have occurred during the tournament. More recently a huge one on the list is the Lehigh Duke matchup that occurred in 2012. With Lehigh belonging to the Patriot League, and Duke belonging to the ACC (a powerhouse conference) it was doubtful that Lehigh had any chance of defeating the Blue Devils. Lehigh was given the #15 seed and Duke the #2 seed, giving Duke a major advantage.

However, Lehigh did the unthinkable and played incredible basketball and beat a renounced organization with a score of 75-70. Lehigh defeated legend, Coach K and the nation was shocked and furious as this busted many people's brackets.

There are many people that argue college basketball is similar to the NBA in that there are dominant teams each year, however it is the tournament that makes all the difference. Sure, teams such as UNC, Duke, Kansas and Kentucky are typically good, any team truly has a chance to make it to the championship once the post season arrives. Recruits are often spread out evenly, giving each college team a star or a few key players that make matchups interesting and exciting.

Also, college players show immense passion while playing without getting paid. They play with heart and intensity because they want to make a career for themselves, and bring home a championship banner home to their university. So yes, utlimately college basketball leads to the NBA, but college basketball is much more entertaining to watch.