Sophomore year of college I slept in a forced triple, so naturally, when the time came to pick rooms for junior year, there was no way I wasn’t taking advantage of the ability to sleep in a cozy double. Little did I know, I was going to be adding a roommate instead of taking one away. About a week before house picks, my three best friends and I decided that we were going to live our junior year in the quad that resides on the first floor of our sorority house; and I couldn’t be happier.

Some people will tell you not to room with your closest friends. It’s one thing to spend hours of every day with one another, and quite a different experience to live with them. And although it has only been a few days, I disagree. Pitfalls are natural in any relationship, there is no root cause such as living with them or spending too much time together. Things happen, and regardless of how you let the days pass, said things are largely unavoidable, as are most obstacles in life.

But pushing past the potential negatives, who better to come home to after a long and stressful day than your closest friends? They know you like the back of their hand, and can immediately judge a situation based upon the signals you give them. From there, they know how to make you smile, laugh and let go of the burdens of the day. They always have your back and after that long night out will reminisce with you about your shenanigans and help you piece back together the jigsaw puzzle that was that evening's activities.

In short, living with my best friends was and is going to be the best rooming decision I have made thus far. I cannot wait to start new adventures with them and to have them by my side at all times. I'm looking forward to the laughs and the idiocy and the memories we will cherish for a lifetime. So cheers to being a washed up juniors and living in a quad. I love you three to the moon and back.