Why I Chose To Be A Post Secondary Student
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Why I Chose To Be A Post Secondary Student

I chose to be a post secondary student my senior year; here's why.

Why I Chose To Be A Post Secondary Student
Ridgewater College

Even though it has been two years since I was in high school, I still get asked why I chose to be a post secondary (PSEO) student. My senior year of high school was spent at a local community college and taking advanced courses for college credits to get ahead in school. I made this choice for a variety of reasons. Although being a post secondary student is not the option everyone will chose, here are a few reasons why I chose to step out of my comfort zone and start school at a community college a year early.

1. To get ahead on my education

All of the college credits that I took during my time being a post secondary student easily transferred over to my university, giving me 31 college credits before my freshman year. I will be able to graduate a full year early, but one could also choose to add on a double major or minor in their remaining time.

2. It saves money

Not only did I not have to pay for the courses I took at the community college, but textbooks and students fees were covered as well. I was able to earn 31 credits at no cost to me.

3. The flexible schedule

During my senior year, I was able to take a variety of online and face-to-face classes that I was able to choose. Instead of going to class five days a week for eight hours a day at the high school, I was able to take classes two or three days a week at the local college, giving me ample free time to work, do online classes, sleep in, and pick up new hobbies.

4. There are far more advanced courses

Many high schools are offering college courses in their high schools. Although I think this is great, there are limited options offered. I was able to take painting, sociology, short stories and many other courses that I was able to chose from.

5. College and high school involvement

During my time being a post secondary student, I was able to be involved in both my high school and the community college. Since I was a student at the community college, I was able to view their art gallery, go to plays, band and choir concerts, and sporting events. One of my favorite events was playing grocery bingo in the student center.

6. I learned how to navigate college

Freshmen in college need to learn how to email their professors, take notes in class, and study for exams, which was something I did not do well in high school. I was able to take my year being a post secondary student to learn all of these skills before I transferred to a university. I felt ahead of classmates and was able to feel more confident in my classes.

If you are a junior or senior in high school, I strongly recommend anyone to look into their post secondary options to earn college credits early and learn more about university life.

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