Am I the only one who is blown away by this really weird trend?! It's evil. Seriously, stop the madness. I feel like I'm Tina Fey in Mean Girls watching these girls just destroy each other's self esteem, well-being, and character.

Girls aren't friends with each other because they like each other... They're doing it out of strategy. They are living under the concept, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." They actually hate each other, and talk badly about each other behind their backs, but you wouldn't know that from the Instagram picture they just posted declaring their love for one another. Their friendship is based on all the wrong reasons. It's fake and it's horrible, quite honestly.

What happened to honest, true friendships?

It appears as though the girls who hate each other the most are befriending one another so that they can keep tabs on each other. Love triangles are turning into friendships out of insecurities and competition. It is all a part of this diabolical game girls are emotionally killing each other in. 9 times out of 10, it's over a guy. Two girls competing for a guy cannot be friends. Why? Because the girls will never have sincere intentions for the friendship. Their hatred for each other can't compare to how much they want that guy who clearly isn't worth it.

I will say it again: Two girls in love with the same guy cannot be friends.

There is no rhyme or reason for girl logic, or the lengths they will go to for a guy that has pushed them to such a point of confusion and despair. Girls just need to draw the line. They have to stop befriending each other out of these grand manipulative plans or intentions for their own personal gain. This isn't a game or a movie... these are real people with real feelings, emotions, and mental well-being at risk. Not only that, any girl who is willing to be a fake friend is compromising their character. It is nothing to be proud of. You're doing a disservice to yourself and you need to understand that there is no personal gain that can come of this.

The truth always comes out, and it will end badly, I promise. It is simply inevitable.

Be a good person. Be a good friend. Be honest to yourself and to everyone in your life. Ask yourself if you have the best intentions for your friends. Do you want to inspire them to be better people, and cheer them on every day? Do you want them to reach their goals? Do you truly enjoy their company? If you couldn't truly bring yourself to answer yes on every single one of those questions, then I have one more question for you: What the hell are you doing?

Take an honest look at your life and the people you surround yourself with. Be true. It's really that simple. If you ever find yourself in a friendship that you can't honestly want the best for them and want them to have everything they dream of and more, separate yourself. People will lose so much respect for you if they see you being a fake friend, and you will lose respect for yourself because you know you're better than that, and you know it's wrong.

Be true.