So, I have literally never watched a Marvel movie in its entirety until like last week. My only interaction with a Marvel movie before that was buying Infinity War for my brother for Christmas and when my brother chose to watch Thor Ragnarok on New Year's Eve. So, I was very confused about everything. On Friday, I finally started watching and finished Captain America: The First Avenger in a day. Here are some thoughts I had while watching Captain America: The First Avenger with some Thor Ragnarok thrown in there too.

Doesn't Stan Lee make cameos? Where is he?

I don't remember seeing him at all in the First Avenger. Was he even there? Also RIP.

Why is Hulk in this movie, I thought this was a Thor movie.

I wasn't really paying attention but all of a sudden, I hear HULKKKKKKK!!! And there's Hulk up on the screen fighting Thor.

I would die for Bucky Barnes

Who wouldn't?

So, Steve is war propaganda now?

Forget fighting the Nazis, let's get Steve to sing a song and punch Fake Hitler in the face!

Does Peggy Carter look like a young Queen Elizabeth II to anyone else?

Cause she is a queen!

What material is Steve's suit made out of?

Is his shield is made out of the vibranium (i think) what is suit made out of? Another super strong metal or...?

I would like to see that flashback of Steve and Bucky at Coney Island

Please, I need this flashback.

Bucky Barnes is my life now, okay? Okay.

Thank you Sebastian Stan. Thank you so much.

I KNOW THAT VOICE (When hearing Cate Blanchett speak)

That's not Hela, that's Valka!

Damn Steve