What to do While Alone
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What to do While Alone

Single or literally alone just somethings to pass the time!

What to do While Alone
Kylie Bales

Often we find ourselves alone, whether it is because we are single or there is literally no one around at the time. What are we supposed to do? Typically during this loneliness you may feel rather bored, and this is usually when the best Netflix binge watching will occur, but maybe there are more things you could be doing than just watching season after season after season! This is not a bad thing to do especially if you want to feel lonely (alone) binge watching may be a good idea but for those who are tired of this feeling let us break free from the blanket tying you down to your couch! Here are just a couple things that will allow you and maybe some friends to have a good time and to forget about being/feeling lonely!

1. Leave the house!

Really this is something to do but also the first step! Put on something nice but still comfortable to make you feel good but also to push you out the door. If I have a good outfit on I do not want to stay inside! This doesn't mean you need to have a place to go, go for a stroll (slow down and notice the walk you take to work each day), go for a drive(can get expensive), just hop down to the mall so people may see your outfit!!!

2. Go shopping.

Since we may have hopped to the mall from the last idea why not shop a little offline! Interact with a cashier instead of your laptop! Also what would be so wrong with spending a little money on yourself! Buy some stuff for maybe a new wardrobe or just buy some new things for the current one. You do not need to reinvent yourself but you will need new clothes before these get holes!

3. Reconnect with people.

Why not text your old high school best friend you haven't seen in years and meet up to just hang out! Nothing beats gossiping about all those stupid things you used to talk about in high school!! Also just hanging out with someone is a good way to beat loneliness, literally being with someone!

4. Enjoy nature.

Probably not for everyone but nothing is better than clearing your lungs on a nice hike! Usually the scenery is rather breath taking or at least refreshing! And if you go alone although kind of creepy at first it is rather freeing to be alone building strength!

5. Check out the movies.

Maybe after your long walk in the woods tired you out now it's time to sit and relax with a nice film! Maybe you bring your best friend maybe this again is an alone experience to help be more independent! Either way its a great way to do what you were doing on your couch but outside and interacting with at least the person giving you your refillable popcorn!

6. Stop by your local library.

The library is a great place to get out of the house! If you wanted to do something but don't want to deal with the noise of many people the library is a great place!! Quite and relaxing, you can start a new book while you're there and even pick up a movie to watch when reading becomes too much, Redbox also provides movies but at least you could say you went to the library if anyone asks!

7. Get productive.

Kind of sounds boring but cleaning your house can help you clean your mind! Also if you want to go shopping why not clean out the closet to make room for the new clothes and donate some of the old ones! You don't have to clean, you can reorganize maybe you want to reorganize your life so reorganizing/rearranging your room would not be a bad start!

By all means just have fun! Being lonely is not a bad thing I am an extrovert so I do feel lonely often but all I have to do is leave my apartment and see other humans and I usually feel better!! Enjoy your time alone or together, just enjoy your time!

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