After Agent Peggy Carter, Rory Gilmore is basically everything I want to be (except during season 6 of Gilmore Girls) - she's kind, driven, well-liked, smart, bookish, and she gets basically everything she wants. I took a "Which Gilmore Girls character are you?" quiz recently, and I figured I'd get Rory. It's like taking a "Which Disney princess are you?" quiz; there's always a question where something related to reading is one of the choices, and if you choose it, you're pretty much guaranteed to be Belle (or Rory, in this case).

Imagine my surprise when the quiz told me I was Paris Gellar. I am, to paraphrase the accompanying description of Paris, "smart as a whip and don't take crap from anyone, especially myself."

Don't get me wrong - I do appreciate Paris. I love her character growth, and her friendship with Rory is one of the best I've ever seen on television.

But I did not want to be loud, pushy Paris who terrifies everyone from Chilton student Brad Langford to the Yale Daily News staff and who makes very interesting dating choices.

The more I thought about it, though, and as I reread the quiz's description of her, I realized I'm a lot like Paris and she's not a bad character to be. She's someone who comes off as mean at first, but deep down she's a sweetheart. If people don't like her, she doesn't worry; they're just intimidated by her. She doesn't like most people - she'll put up with them if she has to, but to actually earn her admiration and friendship is a challenge.

(Me at social events.)

Paris can be brutally honest, and she doesn't hold back with her opinions. She's extremely goal-oriented (can you say Slytherin?), and she likes to be in control. All in all, she's not the worst person to be like. Sure, I am a bit like Rory, with my bookish and creative tendencies, and I'm a bit of a goody-two-shoes. Yet, I value honesty, and I'm picky about my friendships, and I get anxious if my goals aren't met - all like Paris.

So if you, too, take the "Which Gilmore Girls character are you?" quiz and are told you're Paris Gellar, own it with pride. You're (hopefully) as strong and intelligent as her and that is nothing to be ashamed of.