When It's Too Hot To Handle
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When It's Too Hot To Handle

You just have to remember...

When It's Too Hot To Handle
Serious Seats

It is funny the way we get caught up in the moment.

We try to view ourselves as beings with power.

"Gods perfection creation..."

I love how God has so many variations of "perfect".

It puts our behaviors at best.....imperfect.

Irrational even.

Imagine the following:

Hypothesis: If irrationality and intelligence are applied to an organism, they will conclude they are rational beings due to intelligence, ultimately ignoring their irrationality.

What an experiment that would be!

An intelligent organism

One that rises about the rest.

And as it becomes even more developed....

I can only imagine the distinction they of themselves to other organisms.

It is what Elliot Aronson refers to as Cognitive Dissonance.

To only accept the favorable knowledge suitable for their cause....

These intelligence organisms are surely falling into a pitfall.

They continue to accept what is necessary, never what is essential.

So how will these passionate irrational social animals realize their dissonance?

It may be the greatest dilemma of this time!

I truly believe the majority would take an eternity to realize.

If these beings truly are intelligent and rational....

Wouldn't their behavior be predicted?

They would live in a society where everything is predicted exactly...

Yet they do not,

So they deny their irrationality.....becoming "rational" in the moment.

Yet those who realized their moments as happily unpredicted...

they find irrationality as happiness at its core.

They look to all scenarios...

only to realize they will never now what comes next.

For they never know what an unpromised tomorrow can bring.

So to look into those terrifying moments and remember.

They are only there for a brief time.

They find their irraitonality....becoming the truly intellgent.

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