The Most Powerful Superpowers in Marvel Comics
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The 7 Most Powerful Superpowers in Marvel Comics

Knowing Marvel Comics has produced every superpower known to man, what superpower do you believe is the most powerful in in the universe?


Decades of Marvel comics have showed us there's far greater power than being able to lift a car with your bare hands.

Marvel comics have expanded over the years, and with this, writers have created more possibilities for characters to develop single abilities. Jean Grey can use telekinesis to do more than levitate objects with her mind; she can pull atoms apart and reconstruct them in her own image. Kitty Pride can use intangibility to do more than phase through walls; she can lower her mass to walk on air. Virtually, every power in the Marvel world could be augmented to the point that its user could destroy the entire universe.

What superpowers do you believe are the most powerful in the Marvel Universe?

Without hesitation, most of you would respond with generic choices such as the Hulk's super strength, Spider-Man's wall crawling, Ms. Marvel's flight, but I assure you Marvel's favorites are far from ever rivaling an Alpha mutant with superpowers. Now, we could argue about it or you could read for yourself what seven powers I believe are the most powerful in Marvel.

7. Elasticity

Mr. Fantastic

The ability to stretch your body past any length and into any form. In Marvel Comics, Mr. Fantastic can convert the mass of his body into a highly flexible state. With this power, he can absorb kinetic energy to the extent of becoming a barrier between his team and a 150 billion ton avalanche. Elasticity grants makes its character practically immortal. Their skin can't be torn or slashed, bullets will ricochet of their body, and the force of heavy impact will always be absorbed through their durable skin which means you can cross off falling from a tall heights or being crushed by a skyscraper.

Size alteration and shape-shifting are aspects of elasticity. After years of rigorous training, someone with this superpower would be able to shapeshift into any person in the world without a way to be killed. Now that's what you call the coming of an apocalypse.

6. Nature Manipulation


The forces of nature are not something to mess with. Twenty nine percent of Earth is covered by land and thirty percent of Earth's land is covered by trees and wildlife. Imagine wielding the sheer power to rob every human in the world of their oxygen or to conjure up world-threatening storms.

Meggan Puceanu is a wielder of this power and can manipulate nature. By doing so she's able to sense the emotions of all living things. In addition, she can perceive electromagnetic forces, air currents, and even see telepathic communication between people. Due to the empathetic metamorphism that ignites from being connected to the forces of Earth, she is capable of shapeshifting into any living or fictional creature. She could change into mythical dragon and become someone's old grandmother in the blink of an eye. The possibilities are endless.

Nature manipulation is also the power to control the elements. Water, air, earth, fire and even energy. These types of characters can create unstoppable forest-fires with just the wave of a hand. These four elements are apart of everything, so if you think you can escape this power, think again.

And lastly, nature manipulation grants its character control over animals and insects. What animal do you think Meggan would choose to be your Grim Reaper?

5. Teleportation/Portal Creation

Magik (Illyana Rasputina)

Where would you go if you could teleport to any place in the universe? For someone like Magik, interdimensional teleportation is her main type of travel. She can create stepping discs (portals) that can teleport herself across interstellar distances and through time and space. Imagine teleporting to the time you fell in front of your crush or failed the most important quiz of your entire life. Maybe it's not the past you're worried about but the future.

With these powers, you would be unstoppable. You could travel to any place at any time and prevent people from being killed. I won't even mention teleporting into bank vaults. No one would be able to catch you and in a way, that's way better than intangibility or invisibility


4. Regenerative Healing Factor


We've all since the iconic scene in "X-Men: The Last Stand" where the Phoenix disintegrates living matter into ash, but Wolverine somehow reaches her in one piece and sticks his metal claws through her heart. The only reason he wasn't torn into smithereens is because of his accelerated regenerative healing factor. Unlike typical characters with healing factors, his healing is faster and more efficient.

He can heal from numerous gunshot wounds, severe burns, and regenerate limbs within a few hours. And his healing abilities goes even further. It can cure diseases, sicknesses, curses, trauma, and also provide an extended lifespan by decelerating the effects of aging. You could be 100 years old and still look the way you did at fifteen. It's near immortality. It's an even better power when you can transfer or extract the essence of your healing factor to duplicate and bless others.

There are various heights the accelerated healing factor can reach, but it should always be one of your top go-to powers. It seems like a passive superpowers, but sometimes the best thing you can do is to outlive all the chaos that surrounds you. In Wolverine's case, he will always remain alive and victorious.

3. Magic

Scarlet Witch

Magic is complex but still a superpower. There are many different forms of magic in the Marvel Universe. Druidic, Chaos, Blood, Hellfire, Mystic, Odin-Force, Necromancy, Quantum, Technomancy, Voodoo, and general magic. The most powerful wielders are Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange. Scarlet Witch manipulates Chaos magic in order to warp reality at will. With a few words, she negated the superpowers from almost an entire race of mutants.

She can channel magic from demons, cast hexes, and manipulate the field of probability. Technically, by using magic you can mimic anyone's power and achieve what they can do. A witch's range of abilities is unfathomable. If the magic wielder is skilled enough, they can cast spells that alter reality permanently. Magic is very dangerous and one of the most powerful abilities in the Marvel Universe.

2. Psionic Manipulation


Psionic Manipulation is more than just moving things with your mind. You can sense the emotions of living things around you and telepathically communicate with others. When this power is mastered to its full potential, you will have visions of the future, be able to teleport and manipulate raw psychic energy, and much more.

We're talking about affecting matter on a subatomic level. Disintegrating matter into nothing or creating matter from nothing. This includes such things as forming energy out of thin air or turning silver into gold. The mental part of psionic manipulation will give you the power to ascend to the Astral Plane and control living beings on a world-wide scale.

Hellion used his psionic powers to fly and form impenetrable force fields. The force of his mind power is so great that he can will himself to fly at twice the speed of sound. He uses his psychic energy to make himself super strong. Hellion can control matter on a molecular level, scatter it and reform it back together. Psionic Manipulation speaks for itself, there's no way you can harm or even attempt to harm someone with these powers.

1. Cosmic Manipulation

The Phoenix Five

Cosmic Manipulation is such an exciting power to have. It's not often talked about, so many of you might not know what it is. This superpower gives the character the power to manipulate different forms of cosmic energy. Many characters in the Marvel Universe have this ability. Jean Grey, Rachel Summers, Storm, Thanos, Franklin Richards, Silver Surfer, and many more. It's an extremely powerful ability to possess.

You can channel cosmic energies to produce a number of effects. Most often in Marvel Comics, the cosmic energies augment the superpowers of characters on a universal-ending scale. The most powerful wielder of this superpower is the Phoenix entity. It possessed Jean Grey and augmented her psionic powers to where she could create psychic flames that burned everything into nothing. It also transformed her into one of the mightiest telekinetics and telepaths in the whole Marvel Universe.

With Cosmic Manipulation, you can advance the evolution of humans by radiation and manipulate all forms of energy. At it's maxed potential, you can manipulate everything and all natural forces on a cosmic level. You could have Hulk's strength, Professor X's telepathy, Magneto's magnetic powers, and all of the above. We're talking about altering the universe and remaking it in whatever form you see fit. You would be foolish not to know that Cosmic Manipulation is the most powerful ability in Marvel comics.

This concludes the 7 most powerful superpowers in the Marvel Universe. Were there any superpowers that you think should be included on the list. Are these your top 7 superpowers in Marvel? If not, what would you change? Drop a comment below!

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