What Your Body Does When You Procrastinate
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What Your Body Does When You Procrastinate

Why writer's block is the worst thing ever.

What Your Body Does When You Procrastinate

So I'm finally back on the Odyssey writing again after a long, hard battle with the worst of the worst: writer's block and procrastination. Things came so much easier to me when I first started, I was full of bright ideas but recently I hit the worst halt of "creative flow"; with that came a long list of crazy things and distractions that crossed my mind. After staring at the blank screen, again, I broke through that wall and thought, "why not write an article about all the thoughts and distractions that I had when I stared at the screen?". It's incredible how productive you get when you try and procrastinate, it's funny how the human body just knows to focus on the wrong things at times like these.

1. Cleaned my room

This never happens but mama Wanda was very happy.

2. Paid off my credit cards

Dat credit score doe.

3. Looked on Zillow at houses I could, maybe, possibly, hopefully afford when I'm rich and famous

This led me to brainstorm about how to go about my life from now on and in order to see where I am at right now, I proceeded to do the following...

4. Googled myself

I mean, if I'm already rich and famous and don't know about it, then that would save me an extra step so I Googled myself. *Spoiler alert: I'm not at Beyonce status yet, soon though, I promise*

5. Facebook stalked

I had to catch up with the latest news and drama that may or may not pertain to me.

6. Did a 15min pilates work out that I found on YouTube

For those interested: Winsor Pilates Advanced Body Sculpting.

7. Added to my bridal Pinterest Board

Oh c'mon. Every girl has one.

8. Went through my abroad pictures from Argentina

Tear drop. I'm crying for you Argentina.

9. Organized my sock drawer

As a sock fanatic, they have to be in tip top shape.

10. Stalked my school website

After two years at this school, I have to make sure I made the right decision...right?

11. Considered switching majors (then writing an article about it)

After stalking my school website I thought, "hm...what if I majored in Biology instead of Economics and Spanish?". Don't worry, I stuck with the old plan.

12. Considered getting off of my gluten free diet

I have been gluten free for almost a year now and I've been so satisfied but after all this deep thinking and web searching I began to miss bread. But nothing drastic yet, I am still happy and gluten free.

13. Took a "What Kind Of Cereal Are You?" quiz on Buzzfeed (PS: I got Frosted Flakes, they aren't Gluten Free but oh well)

Those Buzzfeed quizzes are probably the best thing ever when you are experiencing what I did.

14. Painted my nails

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I suck at the upkeep when it comes to my nails. They just never turn out and it takes someone patient to do it right. Ha.

15. Counted down the days until my 21st birthday without using a countdown app (PS: It's 120 days hehe)

Yup. I was that distracted that even counting seemed fun.

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