What T-Town Bar Are You?
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What T-Town Bar Are You?

On a scale of Innisfree to Rounders, how crazy are you?

What T-Town Bar Are You?

If you're a student at the University Alabama, you're probably quite familiar with our infamous bar scene. From the more reserved bars to the crazy "club can't even handle me right now" bars, we have something for everyone's taste. Are you more of an "Innisfree," or are you more of a "Rounders?" You may possibly even be an "Egan's" (LOL). And for those of you that are unsure, I'm sure that there is something that is parallel to your personality type. So which bar are you? Where do you fit in best? Which bar matches your personality type? On a scale of Egan's-Rounders, how crazy are you? To find out what famous T-Town bar you are, keep reading.

1. Innisfree

You're most definitely not a freshman, and probably not a sophomore either. You're the kind of person who appreciates day drinking, good beer, and pub fries. You love a relaxing, yet upbeat, day, but you also are someone who wants to keep the party going into the night. You're a fun mix, great at going with the flow, and always down for a beer (no matter the time of day!)

2. Harry's

You're most likely a Freshman who is enrolled in 12 credit hours, has no responsibilities, pregames in Presidential village with a Four Loko, and lives for going out on T-shirt Tuesdays. You probably have a countdown on your phone counting down the minutes until the next T-shirt Tuesday where you and your friends get up on the 4x4 karaoke stage to sing "No Hands" by Waka Flocka Flame. You have no idea what's in Harry's famous, yet terrifying, "black out bucket," but you're down to consume the whole thing anyways.If you're spontaneous, carefree, and can handle any type of crowd, you're most definitely a "Harry's."

3. Moe's

You're most likely a junior or senior who often times, is found toting around a $3 32 oz. on a Thursday night. You have two personality types — laid back, or, a little bit rowdy. You love sipping on your 32 oz. drink while jamming out to the band up front, or you head to the back room to take some shots and bring out your real dance moves with typical white girl tracks blaring in the background. You're super chill, but deep down, a little bit rowdy.

4. Gallette's

You're all about Yellow Hammers. You live for tradition, especially on game days. You probably want to name your future first-born child "Crimson" or "Rammer Jammer." Or, you're someone whose ideal Wednesday night is getting black-out drunk on $5 bottles of Moscato on "Wine Wednesday." You're someone who thrives on the dance floor when you're one bottle of white wine deep.

5. The Booth

You're actually 21 years old, or you have a killer ID. During your younger years, this bar was a dream for you to step foot into. When you turned 21, it was the first bar you went to. Although you enjoy having a few craft beers or overpriced drinks and flirting with older, southern boys, you still miss the boom boom room deep down in your heart. You're mature, but still crazy and always down for a fun night, unsure of how it will end. Just like "The Booth," you're basically an unpredictable mystery.

6. Egan's

You have absolutely no connection to the University itself. If you step foot in Egan's, you're most likely a middle-aged or elderly man who dreams of being a biker, a townie, or someone who is confused where they are. Let's just say you aren't the craziest person in Tuscaloosa.

7. Rounder's

You were probably voted "biggest party animal" for senior superlatives your senior year of high school. You love double vodka cran's, and your dance moves are probably similar to Beyonce's on her "Formation" world tour. You live for Rounders. You probably want your wedding reception to be held on the rooftop. Your motto is "eat, sleep, breathe the boom boom room." How are you going to celebrate your 21st birthday? VIP bottle service in the boom boom room of course. You're outgoing, fun, the best dancer you know, and have a passion for double vodka cran's and kamikaze shots.

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