When I was in high school, I wore dresses every day and I was notoriously late in my household. I'll just say that the morning isn't my time to shine. Back then, I wanted to sleep as long as possible, but I also I had to find something cute to wear and improve my eye shadow blending technique.

On a daily basis, my mom or one of my younger brothers would yell from downstairs telling me to hurry up or that we needed to leave in 10 minutes. I was the queen of morning carpool with my sister in the passenger seat and my little brothers in the back along with all their baseball gear in the trunk, but I was also the queen of bright red lipstick. I briefly tried out the beautifully sculpted winged eyeliner trend — a failed attempt, of course. Frequent questions about my wardrobe were “How many dresses do you own?” or “Why are you always so dressed up?”

When I moved to college I was thankful for the walk-in closet in my dorm room because I brought all my favorite sundresses which ended up being every sundress I own along with other various articles of clothing. When the warm months started to fade, I started to adjust to my college life, I only started wearing my most relaxed outfits suited for walking to classes or sitting in the library.

I ditched the uncomfortable Jelly Bean shoes for slip-on Vans and traded my layered fall outfits for leggings and a sweater or a classic college crew neck. Most of my classes were a ten-minute walk from my dorm and I found myself doing other things to occupy my time than picking out my outfits. I usually wore my hair and makeup pretty natural and I would usually just throw on a shirt and stretchy pants (How did I ever wear real jeans every single day?)

Don't worry too much about your outfits in college. As long as you're comfortable and happy, it really doesn't matter what you wear. Don't stress — I wore a very going out on Friday night outfit on the first day of classes and even though my now college BFF thought "WTF is she wearing" on our first day of English class, we're besties now. It sounds cheesy, but wear what you're comfortable wearing, smile and don't let the haters bring you down.