What You Should Be Wearing In College

What You Should Be Wearing In College

My college style is whatever I'm most comfortable in.

When I was in high school, I wore dresses every day and I was notoriously late in my household. I'll just say that the morning isn't my time to shine. Back then, I wanted to sleep as long as possible, but I also I had to find something cute to wear and improve my eye shadow blending technique.

On a daily basis, my mom or one of my younger brothers would yell from downstairs telling me to hurry up or that we needed to leave in 10 minutes. I was the queen of morning carpool with my sister in the passenger seat and my little brothers in the back along with all their baseball gear in the trunk, but I was also the queen of bright red lipstick. I briefly tried out the beautifully sculpted winged eyeliner trend — a failed attempt, of course. Frequent questions about my wardrobe were “How many dresses do you own?” or “Why are you always so dressed up?”

When I moved to college I was thankful for the walk-in closet in my dorm room because I brought all my favorite sundresses which ended up being every sundress I own along with other various articles of clothing. When the warm months started to fade, I started to adjust to my college life, I only started wearing my most relaxed outfits suited for walking to classes or sitting in the library.

I ditched the uncomfortable Jelly Bean shoes for slip-on Vans and traded my layered fall outfits for leggings and a sweater or a classic college crew neck. Most of my classes were a ten-minute walk from my dorm and I found myself doing other things to occupy my time than picking out my outfits. I usually wore my hair and makeup pretty natural and I would usually just throw on a shirt and stretchy pants (How did I ever wear real jeans every single day?)

Don't worry too much about your outfits in college. As long as you're comfortable and happy, it really doesn't matter what you wear. Don't stress — I wore a very going out on Friday night outfit on the first day of classes and even though my now college BFF thought "WTF is she wearing" on our first day of English class, we're besties now. It sounds cheesy, but wear what you're comfortable wearing, smile and don't let the haters bring you down.

Cover Image Credit: Lindsey Ocock

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Breaking Body Conformity

Because I am sick of hearing people talk about body image

I am so sick of everyone trying to categorize every body type. The media goes through phases. One second plus size is in, the next you have to be super skinny to the point that it is unhealthy, and then it switches to having an athletic body. It is a vicious cycle of what is the "in" body type, and if you aren't like the rest of them you are pushed to the side. We always talk about being body positive and embracing all body types, but in reality if you aren't the in type, you are just old news and shamed. Young woman and young girls are growing up in an age where the media rules, and honestly we are confused. One day I am told that I am beautiful, and the next I feel ashamed for my curves. It is time to break body conformity.

I want you all to know that you are beautiful inside and out. No matter what body type you are, forget about what the media says or the newest craze. It is all just a hoax to make a new headline. In reality, the opinions of the media mean nothing compared to what you think of yourself. That is the real opinion that matters. Listen to your own head and heart, not the nonsense that is thrown all over our TVs and magazines. Even those that are all over our magazines and TVs are sick of how they are portrayed.

Just be true to you, and that is all you need in life. Embrace your imperfections, love yourself for who you are, and only make a change if YOU want to. Don't doubt your worth. You are beautiful.

Cover Image Credit: Erin Curley

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The "Spring Break Body" Concept Makes Spring Break An Incredibly Toxic Time Of Year

Don't base your beauty on your bikini size.

You automatically know that spring break is approaching when you start to see more posts on your social media feeds about people wanting to work towards getting a "spring break body."

To those of you that don't know what this is, achieving a spring break body means working out and slimming down in order to have the perfect body to strut down the beach in your bikini and post quality spring break pics for Instagram.

Some people will devote an entire month or two before their spring break to achieve their goals of wanting to show off what they got by obtaining this physique.

But while I'm all for body positivity and wanting to look and feel your best, you don't need the typical spring break body to have a successful vacation.

When people think of a typical spring break body, they think of toned abs, legs, or any type of body that you would see on a fitness or modeling account. And while these are all things that everyone strives to have, sometimes they take longer amounts of time to achieve.

I don't like how spring break has suddenly become associated with having this physique, because its constant presence on social media is sending a message to younger ages that having this spring break body will be the only way to enjoy yourself on vacation, which isn't true at all.

It promotes the beauty standard that looking slimmer is better and beautiful, which also isn't true.

If you do want to look your best for your break, set realistic goals within the time that you have and that you know are possible to achieve. Don't stress yourself out and put yourself down for not being able to achieve these within this timeframe, because unless you devote your life to working out and slimming down 24/7, it's impossible and unhealthy to try and look this way.

Do what makes you feel comfortable, know what feels right, and if you don't end up reaching your goals, then remind yourself that it's okay.

Spring break should be about spending time with your friends or family in exotic locations making some of the best memories. You don't want to look back on your experience and only remember being obsessed with how you looked or believing that you weren't beautiful because you ultimately couldn't achieve the spring break body.

At the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is how comfortable and happy you feel with the people that you love and care about.

If you don't end up having the spring break body by the time of your vacation, don't blame yourself or think that your break is going to be awful. You don't need to be a certain size or look a certain way to be beautiful or to have fun on the beach.

Enjoy the time off that you have and don't take it for granted, because before you know it, you'll be back in your 8 A.M. lecture wishing you were back in the warm weather again.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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