What to Look Forward to in November

October is over and hopefully that means some cooler weather. I mean right now it is about 85 degrees and its the beginning of November. But there are way better things that come with November that doesn't get all the hype that December gets.

One great thing to look forward to this November especially is the Gilmore Girls revival, A Year In the Life. This is set to air November 25th on Netflix and is highly anticipated and has had major buzz. From Netflix turning coffee shops into the beloved Luke's to releasing teaser clips and then deleting them very quickly, it is something that for sure will be talked about.

Thanksgiving is a big thing to look forward too, from the amount of food to just the family, people and traditions that one has. This is the time of year that everyone looks forward to and is the best start to a holiday season. Oh, and did I mention sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie?!

Okay, so the second biggest thing in November has to be Black Friday. The day where people get the best deals on clothes and electronics that one can imagine. This is when all of the people get trampled in stores and wait in lines for hours to buy something. Or when people shop online all day for Cyber Monday. One big thing is that many stores started moving open times do early for BlackFriday it basically became shopping on Thanksgiving. Now this year many stores have made sure that they are not opening on Thanksgiving.

If you are a football fan, it's when things start to get really intense. You have all the major rival games being held and when the rankings are getting to where they will be to determine bowl games. It's that time that if you're a team that's struggling it's almost over, but if you're in the top 6 this is when it gets nail-bitingly nerve wracking.

It becomes acceptable to listen to Christmas music and start decorating. I mean it never is too early, but sometimes if a person starts decorating before November they may get called crazy. Plus the Christmas lights start coming out and it is the perfect thing to get people ready for the best time of the year.

The semester is almost over. Seriously you have almost made it. Just a little bit longer and there will be a whole month of December that students can relax without having to do school work.

Get ready for the best time of year, it's here!

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