What to Expect When Attending an ARC (Association of Related Churches) Launch Event
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What to Expect When Attending an ARC (Association of Related Churches) Launch Event

ARC (Association of Related Churches) wants to see a thriving church in every community so they can reach people with the message of Jesus

What to Expect When Attending an ARC (Association of Related Churches) Launch Event


ARC (Association of Related Churches) wants to see a thriving church in every community so they can reach people with the message of Jesus. The organization helps independent churches achieve this goal of spreading Jesus' message by connecting churches with each other, equipping the local church with the resources they need to operate, and even helping them launch from the ground up.

ARC provides exciting opportunities for existing churches to build relationships with others in ministry that can help strengthen and support them. The organization also helps people realize their dream of starting a church in their city to spread the word of Jesus.

The organization provides training, coaching, funding, and a family environment to all who seek guidance and support from ARC (Association of Related Churches). Those who want to launch their own independent church can attend an ARC Launch Event.

What is an ARC Launch Event?

ARC (Association of Related Churches) refers to attendees as those interested in starting a new church as church planters. They are the ones who plant the seeds that will grow into a life-giving church to serve their local community.

Those who are interested in planting a church with ARC's help first attend an ARC Launch Event. During this event, attendees will hear from pastors, coaches, and staff at ARC, who will share all the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to start an ARC church.

The launch event is designed for planters who may be six months to two years away from their official launch date. In other words, it's for people who have started to lay some of the official groundwork to start their church. ARC believes that the best time to attend one of these events is about 12 to 18 months before the official launch day, though that is not a requirement to attend.

What is Required?

ARC doesn't set any prerequisites for attending an ARC Launch Event. People can sign up, attend the event, and receive the tools they need to launch their church with a strong foundation.

Attending an ARC Launch Event is required for any church planter who wishes to move on to the next step in the process of working with ARC. What follows is a full assessment, being assigned a coach, and receiving all the funding and resources that ARC provides to the independent churches it supports.

While attending the ARC Launch Event isn't a guarantee that you will be approved to start a church with ARC, it is required for any church planter who wants to proceed with the application process.

Who Can Attend?

ARC Launch Events do have a registration fee of $599. That covers two guests -- the attendee and either their spouse or another guest. The events are specifically geared toward those who are trying to launch new churches; those who are pastors at existing churches also can attend to learn from ARC.

For more information and to register, visit arcchurches.com/launch.

About ARC (Association of Related Churches)

ARC (Association of Related Churches) is a cooperative of independent churches from different denominations, networks, and backgrounds that strategically resource church planters and pastors to help them reach people with the message of Jesus. ARC exists to see a thriving church in every community, reaching people with the message of Jesus. Since its beginning in 2001, ARC has grown into a global organization and has helped plant more than 1,000 churches.

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