9 Things To Do With Your Boyfriend Over The Summer
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9 Things To Do With Your Boyfriend Over The Summer

The possibilities are endless.

9 Things To Do With Your Boyfriend Over The Summer

The summer is the perfect time to relax and focus on your relationship. You don't have to worry about maintaining a perfect GPA or running back and forth between class and meeting with professors. Finals are done and over with. So you can breathe and focus on laughing, staying cool under the hot sun and making memories that will stay with you throughout your entire life. This summer should be the ultimate pursuit of happiness. Lucky for you, I've outlined a few absolutely irresistibly exciting plans you can do with your boyfriend with over the summer to make it one you will never want to end. This summer will be one you two will never forget.

1. Sunrises

Cotton candy skies. Soft purples. Soft blues. Warm pinks. Golden hues. There is something about cuddling with your boyfriend in a warm and cozy blanket while you watch the sky turn from indigo to an explosion of colors that makes all your worries melt away. The silence the morning brings becomes interrupted by life waking up all around you. Birds begin to chirp, people being to wake and the world beings to start once again. So take a step back, and watch it all unfold.

2. Brunch

Nothing says summer like lazy days that entail brunch and lounging around with your boyfriend. It's summer, so you can afford to wake up a bit later because you don't have to worry about waking up and running to class on time before lecture starts. Throw on a dress, grab your boyfriend and head to a cute cafe or restaurant to have a relaxed yet intimate start to your day with the person you care about the most. Maybe you can order some lemonade or avocado toast? Sounds like summer to me!

3. Hiking

Exercising is obviously a must. Exercising with your boyfriend...well, it just got fun. Go on a hike and enjoy nature. Climb the trails at your own paces and enjoy being away from all the craziness and chaos life sometimes can throw at us. Relax and unwind with breathtaking views with the person who takes your breath away.

4. Road Trips

Summer is about not just about relaxing, but also about traveling. The same-old, same-old scenery that you're used to seeing can get a bit old, so why not go on adventure with your boyfriend to a new place. Pack a weekend bag, load up the car and just drive. See where you end up. You may find an amazing spot that you and your boyfriend will make a tradition of going to every summer.

5. Water Balloon Fights

The best thing is being able to be completely goofy, childish and silly around your boyfriend. Being goofy helps to bring you together and reminds you of the little pleasures that make you happy. There is no better way too goof off and cool off than have a water balloon fight. Get competitive! All is fair in love and war, right?

6. Bike Rides

Relax and go for a nice bike ride. Enjoy the sun, the warm air and the breeze in your hair. Take a ride to get ice cream or to just enjoy the nice weather. It's the perfect way to mellow out and enjoy everything summer has to offer. Bike all over. Maybe even find some cute rest stops along the way with beautiful views. Take advantage of freedom and ride until you both just want to sit and rest with each other.

7. Lazy Days

Some days in the summer are meant for staying in bed and not moving all day accept to answer to door to get pizza for you and your boyfriend. Throw on a movie or just chill out to some music. Spend a lazy day with your boyfriend. Keep on those sweatpants, keep on that T-shirt and keep your hair a mess. This day is the kind of day everyone needs. Some genuine lazy days.

8. Night Out

The possibilities the days have to offer are endless, but so are the nights. You and your boyfriend can get dressed in your best and go out looking like the hottest couple to be seen. Go to a popular nightclub or even to a fun bar. Share a few drinks and sloppy drunk kisses, and dance until the lights come on and the sun starts to rise. Let loose. Have fun. Break the rules. You and your boyfriend can tear it up make it a night one you won't forget.

9. Sunsets

What better way to end the perfect summer day spent with your boyfriend than watching the sun nod off beyond the horizon. The weather begins to get a bit chilly, the stars begin to shine and the moon casts a romantic glow reminding you that tomorrow is a new day and new adventures await.

What else would you want to do with your boyfriend? Add it to the list. And remember, life is not about the amount of stories we have to tell, it is about the stories that we can never find enough words to describe.
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