What If You Were Given 3 Wishes?

Everyone's had the dream of wanting an magical moment oh having all of their dreams come true. Like a magical Aladdin story of finding a genie or some Disney shit like that. A few of my friends and I had a discussion recently about dreams and desires. But let's be real here, everyone has their own dreams and desires, whether we could accomplish them or not is entirely up to how big the stakes are. However, that's not what the real discussion was about. The real question amongst my friends and I was, "If a Genie granted you 3 Wishes, what would you wish for?"

Obviously this wasn't an easy question, everyone has their own opinions and their own desires. As the majority of the group discussion involved men, you could already assume most of their wishes. From having bigger dicks to being able to get make things right with an ex they missed. I thought their wishes were kinda bland or expected to be honest. From the obvious offense, they asked me what wishes I would make... And I honestly thought about this question for quite a long time, so I was instantly prepped for this answer.

My First Wish:

So this was a Wish I've always wanted to do. In the span of my life I've always wanted to fix many mistakes in my life in which the consequences I'm still receiving the backlash and whiplash from, and I've always wanted to relive many of the best moments of my life. So my first wish is to be able to go forward and backwards in time without any consequences to my original timeline and I could always stay and come back without any backlash. That means I going to a beta timeline where I could fix any of the problems I've desperately wanted to fix and see how the future holds for that, and being able to go back to my original timeline whenever I want without any paradox or bad timeline consequence. Or being able to relive the best moments in my life and alter little things about it (i.e: Let's say I wanted to go back to the day I performed for my Poetry Outloud Competition at school, I could relive the moment of my performance or even alter how I perform and see if I could have gotten a better result than what I gotten before) or just enjoy the moment again.

My Second Wish:

This wish was a wish that I've contemplated a lot more and had put a lot into thought, than the first. Whenever I used to see genie based episodes in cartoons and movies, I've noticed every cartoon/movie protagonist had the flaw of using up all the wishes without much full-on thought. "Aladdin" did it, "Family Guy" did it, one show that gave me much of a better idea was "The Fairly Oddparents." There was a genie episode in which Mr. Crocker got access to a genie named Norm, and in the process he kept asking for 3 more wishes at his last wish, as a kid I thought that was fairly smart (ha get it? Because it's from the Fairly Oddparents, so "fairly" smart? Okay I get it I'm corny). But now as a 21 year old, I still question how the hell that idea is a tricky one if forgetful on how many chances you got left. Especially if you're a forgetful dumbass like me. So I thought of a better loophole, as my second wish is to be able to wish for anything I want so long as I think for it in my mind without any bad consequences and could be a reversed back to normal if wanted to. This means, that whatever I wish for in my mind could come true. So for example, I could be thinking "Man I wish I won the lottery" or "I wish I had superpowers" and that would exactly happen. The benefits is that I could wish for anything, and even have the wish be reversed back to normal if I so pleased. The negative is that it renders the genie useless. So I will have a third wish without a need for, because I can already grant my own wishes telepathically, this leads to my final wishes.

My Third Wish:

So… Yeah, the second wish kinda removed the need for the third wish, I thought I'd be more generous with my wish. So I thought it'd be cool if I give my mother or my best friend Robert (brother for life) my third wish. I believe if I can have a opportunity like that I'd definitely like to be generous and give that opportunity to someone else as well. I know this sounds very non-chalant but hey not every wish has to be big or amazing.

Those are my wishes, I know they sound weird and nonchalant but hey everyone has their own opinions and desires. So what about you? If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?

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