Sometimes life definitely does not go as planned. It has happened to everyone at some point in their lives and sometimes it can be incredibly devastating. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we are unhappy or disappointed or maybe angry about how things are.

So what movie has a lesson for us? That's right - Groundhog Day, the classic Bill Murray movie. His character is stranded and is forced with repeating the same day in a town he hates. How does he react? First he's incredibly angry. I mean who wouldn't be when you are forced to relive the same day over and over and nothing seems to be going your way! So what does Murray's character do? Well, he keeps trying to kill himself. When this fails he starts to drink... a lot. He figures it couldn't get any worse so he starts committing horrible crimes because he believes it won't ever get better. He starts becoming very deceitful and he even commits a robbery. However, he gets sick of constantly doing bad things so eventually he decides to make the best of it. He keeps saving the little boy who falls out of a tree. He saves a homeless man from freezing to death. He changes flat tires. And he does this every day over and over again. He even starts to learn ice carving and piano! And this self actualization allows him to finally escape the cycle.

So when things seem bleak focus on helping others and tapping into all your potential - to control what you can control! I have to say that this is probably the best thing my dad could have taught me. I tend to stress over every little thing, especially when I was little; my dad would always tell me "Control what you can control." People may feel that right now they do not have a lot of control over certain situations but you do. Focus on being an ally. Be kind. Smile at strangers. Spread good vibes and positivity. Help organizations who seek to bring about positive change to the world. I know that right now things seem really dark and all those feelings of anger or sadness you may be feeling are totally and one hundred percent valid; just know that now is the time to use your voice, fight the good fight, and stay strong.

You may not become Bill Murray but I bet you'll be happier.

A special thanks to my dad for this idea when I felt uninspired; thank you for raising me to believe in myself, my voice, and my abilities. You have never once doubted me and I cannot tell you how much it means to me when you inspire me with your words of encouragement when I am struggling to find the good. As the great Maya Angelou once said, "I'll rise."